Shapeshifting into new

ShapeSHIFTING into the NEW

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What are you dreaming of experiencing this coming year?
How have you always wanted to FEEL? 
Who or What will be supporting you as you move into this coming year's adventures? 

Good questions huh? 

I MUCH prefer to have a say in how my coming year will unfold and I'm sure you do too!

As of this coming January, 2018, I am offering the opportunity for you to undergo a 3-Week process that will allow you to do just that, for FREE!!  

It all comes back to our TRUE Desires

I've been doing yearly "planning" and "Visioning" Sessions, for many years and I am still amazed, every time, at how much of what I truly desire, comes to fruition. How much we ACTUALLY have a SAY in how elements of our lives roll out! 

And then of course... Not EVERYTHING in our life is  under our control.

But we certainly have the ability to STEER that ship in a direction of our choosing, and when we take the time to do this, we FEEL GOOD about where we place our energy and intentions. 

And when we make sure that what we are choosing is from the HEART, it is OF US!! It is our natural next step... Minus some of the resistance or fear that can get in the way. And we will address these in the course.

So let's give our next year some DIRECTION, shall we?

I invite you to embark onto your next big adventure, as you ShapeSHIFT into the NEW. You will get clear on your DESIRES, help prepare your BODY and ENERGY for the transition and delicious expansions coming in, and enjoy the satisfying sensation of KNOWING you are moving towards what you TRULY WANT. 

Vision Board 2017 Shapeshifting

Vision Board from 2017

Just to be clear: This is not a magical remedy that will annihilate ALL of your challenges forever and ever. 

The point here, isn't to go straight from desire to living out your dream without any challenges, hiccups, or opportunities for growth. The point here is to take the time to listen in, CHOOSE what you want, based on your DESIRES and then learn to navigate THROUGH the challenges that arise, applying practical TOOLS that help you GROW and OPEN towards your dream, with as much ease and grace as humanly possible!! 

These tools ARE magical. And I would love to share them with you. 

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Your Emails will continue to come in for 3 weeks following this, but you can take as long as you like to complete your assisted ShapeSHIFT. Remembering of course that nothing will move... unless YOU DO!!

Testimonial from last year's ShapeSHIFTING group experience:

"When I took my first course with xine at the end of last year it was the perfect way for me to end the year and bring in the new. With all the business of the holiday time it was a great space for me to retreat to and work on myself and my reflections on the past. My favorite part of the course was creating my vision board in the way xine taught. My vision board had been such a wonderful part of my life this year. It has been the one thing in my life that hasn't changed and it grounds me in a way that I need."

~ Danielle Lauren Bolton, The Illumin8trix @ The Elevated Experience

You can expect:

  • Learning Tantric BODY and BREATH work to help support your transition with Love. 
  • RITUAL as an essential means of setting intentions and getting CLEAR about what you want and need.
  • Learning Shamanic TOOLS that will assist you on your path.
  • Getting Creative and building a sweet Vision Board like you see above! I love this part...
  • Meeting up with your (Animal) Guiding TEAM for this coming year. You are not alone on this path.
  • Videos, audio, sound, writing and body movement exercises 

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This uber mega fun and juicy FULL Course is FREE and will be in your inbox as of January 21st, 2018. 

Xine XO

Visionary Tantrika & Body Medicine Woman @ The Sensual Revolution

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