Reiki Vision Quest Sessions

Xine La Fontaine Reiki Vision Quest Sessions

Universal Reiki Energy meets Shamanic Visioning.

Together they form potent Medicine to bring clarity, healing and great shifts beneath the surface.

Hi, I'm Xine, Energy Healer & Body Medicine Coach. I would love to be of service, and share my gifts with you!

(Video testimonial by Steph Lagana, Spiritual Teacher and Business Strategist at

I'm here to help you access the healing you need, whether you are experiencing physical ailments, emotional or energy alignment issues: so feeling tired, lacking vital energy, feeling overwhelmed, or even feeling filled with anxiety. I help CLEAR the channels to regain balance in your system.

I have the training and ability to send Reiki Energy at a distance. Which means we can undergo these sessions either live, at my homes in Europe, or we can do this virtually.

And here's where it gets REALLY interesting! 

During our session together, I get VISIONS and messages that I can then transmit to you after the session is completed, either with a recorded video or a written Soul & Chakra Report. This Shamanic Visioning brings loads of CLARITY to whatever you are currently wanting direction or insight on. All of this, with the help of your Guiding Team (or Animal Totem), the occasional Sound Healing, Medicine Singing, Rune Reading, Crystals, Oracle Cards, tools or whatever else wants to show up for you! 

These Sessions are quite unlike anything else. 

“Everything was amazingly spot on. I had my husband read it and he was in utter disbelief. What a beautiful, magical talent you have. There was SOOO Much in the pdf and I imagine I will be re-reading and processing this all for some time to come. Thank you so much for sharing Christine. I am truly in awe of this.” ~ Malory, Life Coach

Who are Reiki Vision Quest Sessions for?

Absolutely everyone! The gentle energetic nature of this healing modality, makes it a brilliant compliment to all other medical or alternative treatments. I've even begun working with pets! 

"I did a pet/owner experience with Xine. My cat Maya (who is my baby) is in restrictive congestive heart failure. She has a limited amount of time left- and to ensure her comfort in that time, she is on quite a few daily medications. I had been feeling so stressed and overwhelmed for both me and Maya. I wanted nothing more than to bring both of us ease and peace as we still have the gift of time together. 
Xine had a session with me followed by one with Maya. I loved knowing Maya's crown and heart chakra were so open and flowing. It reminded me that while I may have fear of her death, she most likely does not. Maya's session happened overnight our time, and I woke up to her purring next to me! She's been less resistant to her meds and surprisingly has increased energy. She's running around like a crazy little kitty at night just like she used to do! I have no doubt that this was beneficial for both of us."

~ Jamie Consolo,

How do we begin? 

Choose from the following formats below to book your session. You can expect an Email within 24-48 hours with further explanations on how our session will unfold.

  • Single Sessions - $122usd

    These Sessions are perfect if you want to test out the waters or just come in once in a while when something pops up in your life Click here to book your SINGLE SOLO SESSION

  • A package of 4 for the Price of 3 - $366usd

    This is the best deal and the ideal way to approach healing and understanding, as it pertains to repeating patterns and longer-term life scenarios. It is also a great way to save money if you know you will be wanting a more regular connection to Reiki Vision Quest Sessions. Click here to book your SOLO PACKAGE


    "Trust it, sister. You have the gift! Thank you again for a beautiful and most resonant reading, dearest Xine! You're a very talented healer!"

    Melinda Lane Fisher, Energy Intuitive

    "After one session with Xine I decided it was best to purchase a package as I saw so much value in what she offers. I have had in person reiki sessions before with other healers, and none compare to the healing and momentum, and INSPIRATION I have experienced with Xine.

    I am very invested in my own expansion and personal development and I feel like my sessions with Xine not only accelerated this, but did so in a really delicious, creative, visionary way. Her details reports put vivid images in my head and ALWAYS made me feel uplifted- no matter what was going on with me at the time. Each session moved and inspired me. My life coach even commented that she saw a very noticeable positive change in me and my energy. Many times I would see something or feel something during my session and it would show up in my report later! I have such confidence that Xine is very authentic and as I have told her myself- this is work she was meant for!"  ~ Jamie Consolo,

    "Doing an in person Reiki session with Christine was simultaneously grounding, nurturing, and healing. Her energy is solid and loving. You can tell she not only has experience but also amazing intuition. She shared with me afterward the visions she had during our session, which helped me to connect things that were coming up for me, as well as plant seeds around ways to continue integrating the Reiki. You definitely want to give yourself this gift!"

    Natalie Vartanian, Relationship Coach and Teacher at

    "Xine! Fantastic vision that has already brought me so much value! Thank you thank you thank have a gift.”

    Angelica Oung, Director, Curio Design

    "Xine has got something powerful going on. Had my session last night and reading about it this morning was so affirming of everything that is happening right now."

    ~ Marci Kobayashi, Intuitive,

    "My Reiki with Xine La Fontaine definitely shifted some things for me. Powerful and so loving!!"

    ~ Wendy Whitney Harbath

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