Sensuality Sessions for the Connected SoulSensuality Session Xine La Fontaine

Body Medicine for an Ecstatically Meaningful Life. 

Get ready for the greatest adventure there is: The journey back to your BODY and POWER.

Are you packed and ready to go? Ohhh, the treasures that await!!

Feeling energized, hot, sexy, luscious and sensual. 
Feeling creative and driven, filled to the brim with excitement by everything that life has to offer, no matter how simple.
A renewed sense of confidence.
Firm boundaries with an open heart.
A deeper, more honest connection within all of your relationships.
The ability to receive PLEASURE in all of its glory.
A connection to presence and purpose.
Feeling valued, of importance in this world.
Learning how to care for ourselves, our bodies, our nerves, our emotions. THIS alone, is priceless.
All of this from Connecting with our Body? Oh yes! And so much more...

Explore below and reach out with any questions you have. I am truly looking forward to watching your deepest Awakening unfold, petal by beautiful petal.

Sensuality Sessions VineAwaken - The Introduction

Welcome HOME to your body.

This introductory series of FIVE Sensuality Sessions is for you, if: 

You have been wanting to reconnect to your body more but have not put the time or energy into it lately... and could really use the assistance of a trained Guide, to assist you on your path. 

You want to learn how you can work with your BODY as a TOOL and ALLY to reach profound inner connection and self-healing. I can help you here.

If you want to connect to your ability to feel all of life's PLEASURE, infuse your life, relationships and creative projects with that sweet juice of genius you know you have inside. 

You have done personal work in other areas of your life, but you have a deep knowing that connecting to your body in this fashion, is like the last frontier. 

Well you are in the right place. I am here to guide you through all of the challenges, to co-create that sweet, safe yet exciting journey forward! It takes effort, it takes LOTS of love and we will both be there for it all to unfold. Such a beautiful process.

In this "get-to-know-the-potential-of-your-body" series of FIVE SESSIONS...

We ignite the fire within, work with practical healing tools such as Shamanic Ritual, Tantric breathing, energy and body movement techniques that you can apply as needed, and we place a lot of focus on learning how to receive, self-soothe, surrender. 

Click below to read more about how the Awaken Experience unfolds:

"If anyone has not taken advantage of this offer and is thinking about it - I encourage you to do so. Xine La Fontaine is wildly powerful and it was absolutely fantastic for me to experience!" - Reiki Vision Quest Session

Steph Lagana, Mythicalenterprises.Com, Spiritual Sherpa

Velvet Body Love - A Deeper Dive & Experience

In this luscious and more intensive Body Medicine journey, we go deep... This series of SEVEN SESSIONS is for you if...

  • You have a somewhat regular practice with your body but you want to take it to a much deeper level.
  • You have done the introductory Awaken Experience above and are wanting to dive in further.
  • You are ready to go deep, release old stuck patterns, beliefs, ways of being in regards to your body and overall life that have been preventing you from experiencing the Ecstatically Meaningful Life you are wanting.
  • You are ready to dive into sexuality practices that will open and awaken your body and soul like never before. 
  • For women, you are ready to adopt a regular Jade Egg (Yoni Egg) practice as a part of your journey and beyond.
In this in-depth Body-Connection and Release series of SEVEN SESSIONS... 

You will get intimately acquainted with every part of your BODY, with what you truly DESIRE, and dedicate yourself to gradually removing the blocks that are preventing you from experiencing the openness, love and PLEASURE that you want dearly in your body and overall life. This is a powerful process.

Click below to read more about how the Velvet Body Love Experience unfolds:

"I participated in a series of sessions based on the Chakras; sessions that were rich for the senses and great to experience, due to the various tools. A mix of tools such as Reiki Sessions, Chi Gong exercises, yoga, visualizations, or even rituals.

Christine makes a point of ensuring we can apply the practical tools at home, which adds great benefit for growth during the series of sessions, while adapting to the our individual needs as they show up.
I was well-guided and thank her for her availability and clarifying responses. These sessions are truly lived out as a journey, and I recommend taking this journey in Christine's company.

I experienced personal transformations, learned to understand myself with more clarity, moved through paths that had initially felt blocked and integrated how to better circulate this energy! During this time, my relationships evolved, I created ties with new friends and acquaintances. I saw changes in my overall chosen activities and even on a professional level. Two new interviews, a new contract, and I have begun devoting my time in a new association. Living out these shifts was not easy, but it felt as though the path simply lit up as I moved forward in my expansion, giving me so many more possibilities to choose from!"
(7 Live Sessions in 3 months - translated from French)

~ Audrey

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