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Ignite your Body - Fuel your Mission

Welcome sister, mother, daughter, lover. I've got a message or you:

Each of us holds a vast and often untapped source of energy within. And sadly, when this energy source is shut down... so is the source of our power.

That not-so-secret power source is called sexual energy.

And when we allow this energy source to flow, we open ourselves to a well of goodness, to our deepest and most meaningful desires.

For millennia, we've been conditioned to repress, hide and feel shame around who we are as sexual beings. When we shut downhold back or avoid such an important part of ourselves, our bodies, our energy... we unknowingly create huge blocks in our external world too! Which manifests in our relationships, our health and our careers.

Xine La Fontaine Jade Egg

Osho quotes: "When sex is natural, you feel power, you are not seeking it".

When we finally learn to unleash our body, our sexual energy, we unleash this inherent power and with it, our ability to sore in our greatest mission in the world.

A Conscious, Alive & Ignited Soul,
Creates a Conscious, Alive & Ignited World

I totally understand how it feels...

  • ∆  You've got big dreams and luscious desires, but no matter how hard you try, like an invisible barrier or ceiling, something seems to get in the way.
  • ∆  Your life looks amazing, maybe even perfect... on the outside. You have a great career, but inside you feel like there is something missing, you feel unsatisfied, chronically unfulfilled and this prevents you from being your best and most energized self in your mission!! 
  • ∆  Or maybe you're all-in, but haven't been super clear on exactly what your mission is, and this has prevented you from taking powerfully-aligned action steps, so you feel like you're going in circles.
  • ∆  Whatever the case, you feel stuck. 
    Maybe you've felt the nudge and desire to feel more connected to your body and sexuality, but haven't really found the motivation or energy to do it consistently!

Xine La Fontaine Jade Egg

And here's the truth...

  • ∆  Those elements are linked! And when you finally unleash your body's ability to be fully expressed and free in it's sexuality, in its free-flow of energy, you unleash your natural life force and power.
  • ∆  Your sexual energy is all potential. It wasn't destined for shame, guilt or hiding in a corner disconnected... it was created for life! And it can set you free!
  • ∆  Working with your body, does more than just liberate your pleasure (which is amazing in and of itself), but it liberates a raw source of energy that can be focused in your daily life, towards connecting with your family, your friends, with your health and projects... you have more energy to apply towards your greater mission in the world!!
"Xine La Fontaine is a deliciously seductive invitation into higher truth. She sparkles with wisdom and life and is ambitious to serve humanity”. ~ Layla Martin
Xine La Fontaine Jade EggFor the longest time, I thought I was cursed...

No matter how hard I tried, my career and mission in the world, would not take off. I learned every trick I could, took a gazillion online courses, hired coaches, had an avid spiritual practice, went into the depths of the jungle to do medicine work.

And still... stuck.

Until the day I decided to go all in and take a 600-hour Tantra Certification hosted by Layla Martin, practiced 5 days per week on my sexuality for almost 2 full years (yes... that's a lot).

The result? Moving through layers of trauma, shame and unworthiness I didn't even know were there! The outcome is aliveness, feeling whole, powerfully-aligned actions, connection, an energized and sexually-satisfying 20-year marriage living on a sub-tropical island, and a business doing what I absolutely love. 
I had honestly given up hope... but instead, I get to share with you the unique body-based tools that have been incredible for me and for millions of men and women around the world.

I'm here to offer you a luscious path to igniting both your body and your life's mission. Introducing:

Unleash your Mission: with the Power of the Jade Egg

An 8-week group journey to confidence in body and mission.

Xine La Fontaine Jade Egg

Imagine what it would be like...
  • To feel utterly satisfied in both your body and greatest purpose in this lifetime.
    Side effect: jumping out of bed in excitement for your day, a smile and skip in your stride!
  • To feel a deep love and appreciation for your body, and trust in this little Jade Tool that brings so much aliveness! 
    Side effect: sexual pleasure and healing, increased energy, balanced health, groundedness, magnetising what you desire most and a tool for self-care that you can use again and again.
  • To feel confident, clear, driven and deeply connected to your creative genius.
    Side effect: goodbye guessing, and hello deep belief in your success that leads to the results you seek, whether financial or emotional!
  • To know in your bones that this stuckness is over... for good! 
    No matter what life brings forth, you'll have a series of somatic, tantric, energizing & stagnation-moving tools ready to be applied as often as you need!
  • To feel magnetic, sensual and delicious in your body and feel powerful in your mission.
    Side effect: Yes, women can experience both! Leading to wild strides in your mission, while keeping your sexy alive and thriving!
  • To reconnect to your heart, your partner, your joy and inherent ecstatic nature.
    Side effect: Pleasure. Yes... you can have it all.
  • To finally feel like you've found the missing link. 
    Side effect: sexuality work leads to feeling whole, accomplished, self-actualized and free! 

"I've been coaching women in nutrition for years and had many coaches myself - but never experienced a coach quite like Xine. Down to earth, caring and just divine. She helped me become the bigger version of the woman I am meant to be. Working with Xine is a safe, beautiful, clean & clear experience, where I was given incredible tools I was missing in my life to help with issues I didn't think were solvable.

Some issues I didn't even know existed were brought to light and held for me in a safe space to work through. I hold myself different, I walk differently, I have a big fresh breath of confidence breathed into me. I am a new woman. If you are curious about what it feels like to be consciously coached + transformed this way and truly empowered as a woman - book with Xine ASAP."

- Raina Dawn Lutz, Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Lutz Nutrition.

XIne La Fontaine Snake Jade Egg

Who is this journey for?

Unleash your Mission is for you, if you're so ready to get moving and finally feel unstuck in your body and life mission.

This is for you, if you're already a healer, coach, leader in your field. You've done a fair load of personal work, but there's still this something that isn't budging... You're wanting to feel more connected to your work, which will in turn help you become more inspiring and present with your clients!

This is for you, if things appear great on the outside, yet you've been secretly feeling quite unsatisfied and craving a heck of a lot more (passion? love? sexual desire? career?)

This is for you, if you've been wanting to feel far more connected to your body and sexuality, and you want to learn how to use and apply the Jade Egg towards something of great importance!

This is for you, if you desire to feel more free in your expressions, more magnetic, and ready to feed your mission in the world, with juicy creative, powerful, genius energy!!

This is for all of you who desire to come out of a group program with so much more than information. Wanting to leave your journey having embodied the tools, real traditional and research-based techniques that you can apply again and again, to help you care for your body, so that your mission in the world, can take flight!

Breaking it all down...

  • Week One

    Ready your body for the journey ahead.
    Meet your Jade Egg and learn how to care for her while easing into the process, not forcing anything.

    Open gracefully with uplifting and energizing Taoist techniques.

    Open the portal with an Intention setting Ritual.

  • Week Two

    Connect with the source energy of your Mission.

    Solidify your energy body with a Taoist sounding and breathing tool. 

    Intro (or for some of you… return) to your Jade Egg practice.

  • Week Three

    Now that you’ve got a good feel for her vibration, what is it that you truly desire for you and for your mission in the world? What (and how), do you most want to live this out, express it, offer it? 

    Jade Egg Pleasure Ritual. 

  • Week Four

    Learn to love & accept your resistance, and it will soften.
    Acknowledge what needs nurturing and what needs to be released for this mission to take flight.

    Tantric meditation and Jade Egg Release Ritual.

  • Week Five

    Week to catch up, rest, integrate.

    Grounding and Nourishing Ritual for Rest.

  • Week Six

    Aligning your Mission with LOVE.

    Sex Magic Ritual & Embodied Manifestation with the Jade Egg.

  • Week Seven

    Create the year ahead centred in your power and conscious of your yin / yang (feminine-masculine) energies.

    Take ignited action while staying grounded and nurturing your body!

    Power Ritual with the Jade Egg.

  • Week Eight

    Closing Ritual.
    Make this practice and energy shift sustainable with the help us the elements.

    Celebrate your accomplishments and those of your sisters along the journey with you. Ready yourself for what’s to come!

What an incredible adventure right?

I know. I'm so excited I can feel my heart leap with joy as I write this all out!

In this 8-week group journey, alongside a sisterhood of women undergoing the same process, you can expect major leaps in your mission. Can I promise you that all of your problems will go away, that you will feel amazing 100% of the time forever and ever and that you will make a million bucks as of week two?

Hell no. That's nonsense. I wouldn't trust anyone that promises me that.

But what I can promise you, is that if you do the work, you'll finally understand with a knowing in your bones, what has been keeping you stuck and learn deeply effective traditional practices from Tantra, Shamanism, Taoism, alongside powerful modern researched processes, that work with the body and mind, to help shift it!

And you'll be able to apply these tools forever and ever. They are yours to keep!

I can promise you that if you do the rituals, you'll feel empowered in your mission, feel empowered in how to nurture and love your body, feel empowered in taking aligned actions that once felt incredibly overwhelming.

I can promise you that if you join us and go for it fully, you'll come out feeling like: Wow. This is exactly what I needed, and now I get it. 

Doors open May 11th, 2019.

Xine La Fontaine Jade EggWe'll gather in a dedicated FB group for the duration and I'll create a WhatsApp group for those of us who don't feel super comfortable sharing more private "details" over FB.

∆  You'll receive a weekly Jade Egg / Mission Ignition Ritual and shorter meditations / practices that you can do every day to help awaken and focus your energy. This is created for busy women on a mission, so more about quality than quantity.

∆  We'll connect in sisterhood in the FB group and over WhatsApp, receiving, supporting and cheering each other on when we get stuck.

∆  You'll have the opportunity to join in TWO virtual-live group Jade Egg sessions (one session per month). Cameras turned off.

∆  There will be a Q&A, Coaching and group Mission Masterminding call, every week.

∆  A monthly guest expert to help inspire your mission.

And as a bonus, each of you get a 1:1 session with me, to be booked anytime within the 8 weeks together, to help you get unstuck, either in your Jade Egg practice, or your mission, or both!  

Testimonial: "The work with christine was enlightening and refreshing. She helped me to confront many of the major blockages I’ve had over many years and she did it with grace, humor and love. I felt no judgement, only support in working to give me new tools toward being more open and successful in love, work and life." 

~ Anonymous, Head of Marketing, Barcelona (1:1 Empowerment Package for men)

What's the investment for such a voluptuous journey? Swirl Jade Egg Xine La Fontaine

This is the beta round for Unleash your Mission and I am closing up my Tantra and Jade Egg Certifications, which means I'm keeping the price lower than what it will be for future rounds. So for this incredible new way of life moving forward: 

$888usd for the full 8-week journey

A payment plan is available and I have a very special bonus going... 

If you sign up with a friend by May 1st, 2019, each of you invests $688usd for the full 8-week group journey.

Payment plan available for this as well. 

Ready to Unleash your body and Rock this juicy Mission?

Registration closes May 3rd. Bring all your friends! This is going to be incredible. I'm keeping the group intimate to be sure I can be present with everyone throughout. 

Simply pay your deposit below and I'll reach out to you by Email within 24 hours with the next steps!

The Cart is Officially Closed for this Round

Be sure to download my free Ignite your Desire Audio training here and join the list, if you want to jump in next time!

*Please note that once we begin our journey, I will not be offering the possibility of refunds for this program. This work is profound, and it invites you to move through the entirety of the process!!

A Conscious, Alive & Ignited Soul, Creates a Conscious, Alive & Ignited World. Let's create something beautiful, shall we?

I'm looking forward to watching your Mission come Alive!

Swirl Jade Egg Xine La Fontaine

Xine La Fontaine Laughing Jade Egg

If you have any questions at all, contact me below and I would be more than happy to support you!

Contact me here →

Xine La Fontaine:
Conscious Sexuality & Empowerment Coach, Desire Guide and FireStarter

Testimonial: "I participated in a cycle of sessions based on the Chakras; sessions that were rich in the Senses and great to experience, due to the variety of tools. I received a mix of tools such as Reiki Sessions, Chi Gong exercises, yoga, visualizations, and rituals.

Christine makes it a point to ensure that we leave with the ability to apply the learned tools on our own at home, which brings in great opportunity for growth during our series of sessions together, while adapting to the client's individual needs as they show up. I was well-guided and thank her for her availability and clarifying responses.

These sessions are truly lived out as a journey, and I recommend taking this journey in Christine's company. I experienced personal transformations, learned to understand myself with more clarity, moved through paths that had initially felt blocked and how to better know how to circulate this energy! During this time, my relationships evolved, I created ties with new friends and acquaintances. I saw changes in my overall chosen activities and even on a professional level. Two new interviews, a new contract, and I have begun devoting my time in a new association. Living out these shifts was not easy, but it felt as though the path simply lit up as I moved forward in my expansion, giving me so many more possibilities to choose from!"

(Live 1:1 7-Session series. Translated from French) ~ Audrey