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The Three-Week Body Beautifier

After an intensive and amazing start to 2016, it is time, once again to give that body a break…

I am getting ready, as I have done for the past seven years in Spring and Fall, to delve into a period of self care for my body.

This time around, I would love to propose that we consider this time of year with the glass half full. Instead of entering this cleansing period as a “reduction” of elements, a “cutting out” of foods, an “elimination” of toxins, let us view this reset as an “Activation” of this delicious body of ours. A balancing and awareness of how we see our bodies, how we treat it and what we feed it, both physically and emotionally.

Kicking off this process with the concept that this body of ours, is already quite perfect as it is (it just needs some extra love and attention once in a while, to make sure everything is in alignment with what we most desire), let ‘s give ourselves a period in time, where our bodies lead the way. A whole three-week period where we pay close attention, listen to our body, love it, bring in sweetness, activate our senses, learn new ways to heal our bodies and bring those methods into play, treat ourselves to extra care such as massages, steam baths, yummy activities that give thanks to our bodies for being such strong supporters and taking all the shit we throw at it on a daily basis…

There is less of an interest in starving the body into balance here. This is more of a way to learn how to connect deeply to ourselves. Learn to listen to exactly what it is our bodies are really needing in the moment, and taking the time to truly “give it” what it is crying out for.

Learning to listen…

The first step towards connection is learning how to listen to what it is our body needs.

We have already decided (arbitrarily) that three weeks is the overall timeframe, now let’s see what this timeframe will consist of. Each of us has differing needs, differing bodies and differing lifestyles, therefore we will all get differing answers and will enter this Body Beautifying experience in our own, perfect way.

The Connection:

Give yourself some time to be alone. If this first step already feels challenging for you, then here is an indication of an area that is requiring your attention!!

Sit quietly, remove all distractions (cell phones, FB rings, kids asking you for something) and concentrate on your body. If meditative music, incense, helps you relax, then feel free to do whatever you need to help ground you into a nice state of calm.

Sit for as long as it takes to get out of your mind, and into your body… This can be a challenge for some. Whatever happens, don’t get angry at yourself, it will only make things more difficult. Let your mind wander, and when it does, just notice and bring your attention back to either your breath, to feeling the weight of your body on the surface you are sitting on, to feeling the pull of the earth’s gravity, to the sounds that surround you… The more you practice this, the easier it gets. If you need a few more tips, feel free to read a blog post I wrote a while back entitled:

“A Beginner Meditation Guide – For those of us who can’t stop moving”

The Questions:

Once you start to feel grounded, place your right hand over your chest (at the height of your heart chakra) and ask yourself:

“What does my body need most, right now?”

Be ready to listen to what it has to say. The first answers that come are generally what we need to hear and where we need to focus our attention.

We don’t always enjoy what we obtain as answers… this is why adjustments are needed and very much welcomed for a three week period.

As I sit here, simultaneously writing this out and doing the exercises I am proposing, I sat quietly and received the below messages:

– Water

– Warmth

– An image as a snake shedding its skin

– Increased vital energy (a big glowing ball of energy in the centre of my body)

– Shiny hair

– Natural creams and self-made products

– Vitamin C (this one is interesting… I don’t usually get this kind of direct indication)

– Flowing motion

I am a very visual person, therefore I receive messages through imagery.

You might obtain this information more as a “knowing”, or flashes of ideas, you might “feel” them or undergo a story in which you obtain clues as to what you are needing.

If you feel your first connection did not go as well as you would have liked, feel free to sit with it, until you get a few ideas. Don’t worry, if it doesn’t not come easily, part of this process will involve tapping into your body on a daily basis, so you will have a whole three weeks to get reacquainted! Simply take note of what comes easily and what does not and see how things evolve as we go. Honor your process, you are taking such amazing steps by simply engaging with this exercise!!

Choose a flexible, overarching process and then let it go…

Once you have some indication of what you need, draw out a very loose, overarching plan of what you would like this three-week period to look like and include… This general planning process is not a necessary one, but it is put into place to help gather ingredients, make appointments, or other elements that are needed to ensure that if and when the body calls out for it, it’s ready to go…

If you had some trouble getting in touch with your intuitive body connection, simply logically deduce what you feel you need right now, and we’ll tune in daily and see if anything different is needed along the way.

Using the above example of what I captured I need, here is what I feel is called for this time around:

– Going for a weekly session at the Hammam steam bath in town (this is super detoxing, relaxing, hot and there is a really nice natural feminine vibe that occurs here. It feels exactly right for what I need right now).

– Making my bath ritual, the pinnacle for my day. Essential oils, music, really creating a space for this to be a powerful rejuvenating and connective time of day. Well-deserved me time.

– Drinking lots of water daily… I’ve been slacking on this.

– Taking care of my skin… Paying attention to really focusing on removing dry skin, keeping it healthy and glowing, everywhere on my body.

– Focusing on plants… I can feel this energy ball vision relates to eating lots of live plant foods, seeds, nuts, smoothies, green foods, vibrant healing elements.

– I can also feel this vital energy directly links up to getting in touch with my creative, feminine, sensual self. Keeping the flame alive, bringing in movement such as dance, sensual play. Climbing has been a good one for me lately, yoga… whatever is called for that day!

– Learning to create natural scrubs to help remove dead skin on feet, face and other body parts. This is exciting. I have been wanting to explore essential oils a bit further so this is a great opportunity to do so!

– Learning to create some kind of product to make my hair more shiny. And taking the time in a day to do it!!

– Increasing my vitamin C intake through foods as well as using it for my skin. This one is unclear, I will keep tapping in to see what it is all about as I go.

The overall feeling I get is one of reconnecting with my senses, with my skin, with my bodily experience as a whole, Activating more vibrant Life to my daily habit.

With the above ideas, if I were so inclined, I could now plan out a loose schedule of when to fit each of these in over the next three weeks. Over time, I have learned that it is best, in my case, to simply go with what is called for as the information comes in. So I will note what I discovered in a notebook and this will guide my overall theme for this cleansing period. I will get the activities ready to go, and then wait and see what calls and when! 🙂

Other calls-to-action may come up as we tap in daily. And these can include but are not exhaustive:

Dietary changes (such as removing or reducing coffee, sugar, alcohol… or increasing certain ingredients). Feel free to visit this blog post for a few ideas on how to work with food elements.

Increase in exercise. Which one is your body calling for? Are you moving all the time and need to slow down with yoga, tai-chi, slow walking, simple stretching? Or are you pretty sedentary and your body is aching for some stimulation?

Sexual reconnection. Is your sexuality a little on the low side lately and your body is really wanting to feel that spark of life once again?

Meditation. Are you needing some more connection to self, to life energies, to your intuition? Where can this fit into your day? How long do you need? 10 minutes every morning or evening?

Healing. Are you needing to heal a particular area of your body that is ill? How can you best do this? Positive thinking and attention? Finally going to see that expert that will get you moving towards living fully?

Addictions. Is an addiction acting as a distraction to you living out your ideal life? What addiction do you want to work with, alcohol, cigarettes, negative thoughts, caffeine, shopping?

Body image self-love. Is your body screaming out to be appreciated the way it is? Are you harsh to yourself in the mirror? How about spending a whole three week period loving and appreciating all those curves, or areas that are “too much” or “lacking” in some way… This is big time Wow for our body!!

Taking the time for ourself. Are you always taking care of others but don’t have much time left over for yourself? Are you needing to integrate some regular me-time?

– Anything else ranging from creative expression, connection with others, human touch, a day in the sun, a day to rest, an activity with other people, some time alone, etc…

Once you have a few elements lined up, please don’t try and apply them all… Really hone in on what is most needed right now. What has been coming into your mind lately, into stories around you… What is screaming out for your attention for this round of The Body Beautifier?

We undergo this process twice per year, in Spring and Fall, so you will have plenty of opportunities to focus on other elements, as they become more relevant. Just stick to the most important few for the moment. You will get much more out of this practice than trying to do it all at once. And you may discover some new surprising ones popping up along the way!

Daily Connection…

As you awaken, give yourself time to connect to yourself every single day. This is not an option. If you have to set your alarm for 5-10minutes earlier to achieve this, then feel free. Just make sure this is done before connecting to any kind of exterior source of information or stimulation such as texts, email or FB. So if the first thing you do in the morning, is reach for your phone, get into the habit of waiting until this process is done, before reaching over. Put yourself first. This is important.

Sit quietly, ground, and place your right hand over your heart.

Ask yourself: “What does my body need today?”

Listen to what comes up… and take note of what actions will be needed to get this going. Making an appointment, asking friends if they would like to join you in a particular activity, gathering ingredients, catching a ride to a specific location, blocking out a time frame in your day to making it happen?

What are we really doing here… and what are we paying attention to?

A big part of what we are learning to achieve during this three week period, includes slowly and very comfortably integrating new healthy, self care habits. This is huge!!

We are learning to let go expectations. We will need to let go of our perfectly planned idea and make way for flexible changes as we learn more about what we are needing in the moment.

This can be a challenge for uber-planners like us!!

We are giving an overall framework, maybe scheduling in a couple of activities, and then allowing the body to lead. We are listening to what the body needs and acting on that intuitive hit. Releasing what we “think” we need, because that’s what a friend-of-a-friend or a FB post said a while back, and really tuning into the driver in the moment… our body!!

We are removing all those “shoulds” from our language… “I should eat better, I should do more exercise, I should… I should…” and taking action on those things we learn are most important in the moment. What does “eating better” mean today? What does “doing more exercise” look like today?

We are entering a call and action habit that teaches us how to tap into our deeper selves and then ensure we take action with what we have learned we need! This is an excellent way to balance our inner feminine and masculine energies. More about this concept here:

We will encounter having to make the difference between “wanting” and “needing”. These are two very differing things… and as those addictions begin to surface along the way, there will likely be an interesting interaction between the two. For example, I just finished eating lunch and I noticed the bag of chocolate covered raisins that were left on the table from last night’s meal. My instinct was to go over and grab them, because I have had a habit of doing so lately… But I asked myself, does my body really “need” this right now? Is it a part of my overall set themes? Nope! So I left them there and had a date instead. This feels more naturally energizing and contributes to my inner vitality.

We are learning to love ourselves in the process. By listening to what we need, we begin to dissolve self-judgement, and create a certain reverence towards just how powerful and inter-connectively complex this bod of ours really is… How very much alive, and amazing of a vehicle we get to work with over a lifetime!! Why waste time thinking negatively about what it looks like to others, or how it can’t perform in a certain way at all times because we’re getting older… By listening to what it needs, we begin to work with and appreciate what it CAN do and how we can help it along as much as possible. Negative thoughts create contraction, positively engaging allows expansion into it’s fullest potential without forcing. Our Body as a Temple!!

The bottom line, with this Body Beautifier is that no two cleanses will look the same. If you have run yourself into an incredibly unhealthy habit of high stress for the past several years, for example, then dedicating yourself to listening to how much your body needs healing and calm will be far more effective then adding an additional stress of just restricting yourself by cutting out certain foods…

And the most amazing thing about this Body Beautifier, is that you don’t have to “wait until next week” to begin. You can start right now, right this moment. Unlike a special diet, listening to our bodies is not something that needs a particular starting time… it is something that we are looking to integrate more and more as we go, including it into our busy schedules. And starting right this minute, is a simple and rewarding way to bring all of this into play!! You will thank yourself for it. 🙂

So what does your body have to say… right now? And how will you take action in listening to it today?

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Thank you, and REALLY looking forward to connecting… <3

Xine XO

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  1. Love it!! Love the way you describe the details and the way you encourage yourself and us in the process. Totally true 🙂 and how poignant it is to do the meditation PRIOR to any other outside stimuli. A nice reminder, I shall shake the habit and do that. Let’s enjoy and play! Merci!!
    Ps I will definitely use the essential oil from Hawaii to help me connect and remind me of that sweet essence of life 🙂 muahhhhh!

  2. So beautiful <3
    Before my own trip to Peru I will be following a cleansing diet but I know I must incorporate a daily meditation- even if only 5 minutes. I must stop and give myself that gift. It's not just what foods to put in my body but treating myself with love. I also keep using rose water that I spray on myself before bed and in the morning.. because it's lovely.

    1. Post

      MMmmm, rose water sounds so delicious! We have a common attraction I think. This feels really great Jamie. Thanks for the ideas!

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