Tantric Tasters Xine La Fontaine

Is your Coaching Business needing a boost and your
Body longing for that Sexy "spark"?

If this is a yes, I hear you and you're definitely in the right place. I would love to share with you, an introductory experience that is the permission slip for you to stop pushing and enjoy running your business in PLEASURE!

Introducing... Tantric Tasters

Allow me to wrap you up in a short but potent yet highly nourishing private online coaching experience that's like pressing the reset button in your coaching business & body's vitality and magnetism.

ReBirth this business ECSTATICALLY!

Xine La Fontaine Sensuality Guide

Hi I'm Xine, 

Tantra of Business Mentor for Coaches like you...

My Mission is helping womxn embody the fierce yet compassionate, conscious and integrated Leader she is meant to become, and that is direly needed in today's world.

As the creator of The Sensual Revolution and new and exciting FB Group: Sexy, Free & Making Sh*t Happen, I help Conscious Coaches unleash their Sexy CEO using Tantra, so they can feel amazing in their body, magnetize clients & money like magic, and run a business that makes a real difference in the world.

I help coaches tap into the power of their Sensuality as an essential element of strategy for their business success.

A help coaches feel like brand new women in their business and bodies, unlock what they once believed could never get “UnStuck” and finally get their Missions off and running with a sexy successful bang!

I apply a blend of traditional practices such as Tantra and the Jade Egg, as well as modern researched Somatic tools to help my clients FINALLY experience feeling like the Sensual Leading Lady of a booming business that makes a difference in the world. All done in a trauma-informed way.

When I'm not immersed in my own pleasure practices, you can find me lounging in the hammock of my gorgeous Canary Island home, dancing or singing out loud like I'm ready for broadway.

"Xine La Fontaine is a deliciously seductive invitation into higher truth. She sparkles with wisdom and life and is ambitious to serve humanity”.
~ Layla Martin

Your Half VIP Day Experience includes:

  • We spend 4 hours together total, with luxurious breaks in between
  • We gracefully bring love and attention to three major areas of stuckness and bring you back to a sense of empowerment: Sexuality / Sensuality + Money + your juicy Business!
  • A personalized experience tailored to where you are in your body and business. We move at your pace. And it's just luscious.
  • You'll leave feeling like a new woman, tapped into your zone of genius and driven to implement what you discovered in our session, which leads to incredible new openings, money showing up like magic and feeling like a magnetic goddess in your business!
This is the perfect introduction to the work I do.
Your investment for this profound experience: $1000usd

If you decide you want to keep going, we can discuss what that would look like.

So grab some feathers, something delicious and body healthy to eat, some luscious fabrics to feel luscious on your skin and sign up for your Half VIP Day below! Get ready for a nurturing experience that has a powerful impact on how you run your business from now on... In PLEASURE!! 

You'll need to respond to a few simple questions to be sure this is a right fit.
There is no nudity on the calls.
We work with energy and you take your more intimate practices home.

I've been described as down-to-Earth, present and having a knack for going deep, while having a good laugh along the way. Don't hesitate to reach out with your questions here: https://thesensualrevolution.com/contact/

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"I was honored to work with Xine LaFontaine, and it was incredible. She held such beautiful, tender and safe space for me.

A few things that happened as a result of doing jade egg work with Xine, I felt physically more activated in my sacral & root areas. My p*ssy was NOTICABLY more wet than prior to our work. I also experienced a strong surge of energy for an entire week after our 1st session which helped me integrate a hard decision I had to make, AND allowed me to still be very active in my business daily.

If you’re thinking of doing Jade Egg work with Xine, she is the perfect person to guide you gently and lovingly through what might be an otherwise uncomfortable and/or uncertain experience.

Thank you Xine! I’m so grateful for you & I can’t wait to continue our work together! 💗"  
~ Heather Hartman, Feminine Biz Coach www.heatherhartman.com


"I had one session with Xine and it was transformational. She encouraged me to remember that pleasure takes many forms. So frequently women are expected to have sexual pleasure look a certain way, and we’re made to feel un-sexy or disconnected when our pleasure looks different. Having Xine there to support me in finding the pleasure my body, soul, self needed that day was truly a gift.

Since working with Xine I’ve felt more connected to my pleasure, more connected to my ability to nourish myself sensually, and more aligned with my sexual essence.

She truly is a gifted coach."
Rachel Alba - Certified Sex Coach at www.sexwithspirit.com