Tantric Xine La Fontaine

A Short Collection of Potent Coaching Sessions to
get you "unstuck" in your Body & Business!

🌹 For the woman who's been dreaming of finally working with the Jade Egg and would love a few intro sessions to get those juices flowing again!

🌸 For the couple who's been wanting to try Tantra and would love a few sessions to test the waters of their sweet & sexy reconnection.

🌺 For the womxn who's been wanting to feel more empowered in her business and could use a few sessions to jumpstart her pussy and biz desires!

Introducing... Tantric Tasters

The perfect way to start experiencing the results of doing intimate work with your body & sexuality and a great way to begin working with me as your Guide and Coach!

Tantric Xine La Fontaine

Who am I?

I'm Xine La Fontaine, a Tantric Empowerment Coach who loves to help busy, creative womxn who run businesses, thrive in their body, so that they can thrive in their life's mission.

Kick ass creator, wannabe performer, mom of two boys, in a relationship of 20 years and counting...

I've manifested some incredible shit in my life, including paying off huge debt, living on a sub-tropical island, doing work that I LOVE and more recently, moving into my dream home (retreats coming soon!)

The following introductory Tantric series of sessions include some of my favorite approaches and I'm tickled pink to be sharing them with you!

"Xine La Fontaine is a deliciously seductive invitation into higher truth. She sparkles with wisdom and life and is ambitious to serve humanity”.
~ Layla Martin

The following Tantric Tasters include:

  • 3 online private Coaching Sessions
  • Email and Voxer communication with me, in between our weekly sessions
  • Tantric Tasters are undergone within 3 consecutive weeks (with the exception of Ignite your Mission sessions)

Choose your Flavor!

3 Sessions for $666usd 

Introduction to the Jade Egg: 🌸
Begin your Jade Egg journey (or enjoy more "personal" coaching if you've already begun with group courses...) with this 3-Session Coaching series that moves at YOUR PACE. We start gently, learning to trust and open with grace. This is an incredible process that will light you up and change the relationship to your body. This jade baby will become your bestie in no time flat.

Tantra for Couples: 🌹
Start your Tantric Journey with this 3-Session Taster Coaching series that will help you feel more intimately connected, energized and will renew the sexy in your couple! You'll receive a list of fun yet profound practices for you to play with. A great opener to the world of Tantra with your partner, whether long-term or new and wanting to begin with a solid foundation.

Ignite your Mission: 🦋
Wanting to take your Mission to the next level or spice things up before an important presentation / launch?

This 3-Session Coaching series is a opportunity to focus in on your juicy, luscious, and vibrant self, while placing your desires and energy towards your business and mission in the world. You can use these sessions whenever you want, they don't need to be done in a row. Keep a reserve of these Jade Egg sessions in your back pocket, for when you need it most!
This is intended for women who've already begun their Jade Egg journey..

Tantric Empowerment for Womxn: 🔥Tantric Taster Xine La FontaineIn this series of 3-Coaching Sessions, you'll learn Tantric & Taoist practices to help you feel more empowered in your sexuality, so that you can feel more empowered in your business and/or life's Mission. It's similar to the above but more "Tantra", no Jade Egg.

This are the perfect Starter Kit to begin working with me.

In these 3 sessions, you'll be introduced to some incredible tools and you'll get a real and embodied understanding of how powerful this is. 
IF and when you decide to keep going, that's when we talk longer package of coaching sessions.

Sign up for your Tantric Taster  below and get ready for a fun & transformative experience.

You'll need to respond to a few simple questions to be sure this is a right fit.
There is no nudity on the calls.
We work with energy and you take your more intimate practices home.
Jade Egg sessions are done with cameras turned off for privacy.
All sexual orientations and levels of openness in your couple welcome!

I've been described as down-to-Earth, present and able to take my clients into deep spaces, while having a good laugh along the way. I love this work and I can't wait to share it with all y'alls! 🌴

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"I was honored to work with Xine LaFontaine, and it was incredible. She held such beautiful, tender and safe space for me.

A few things that happened as a result of doing jade egg work with Xine, I felt physically more activated in my sacral & root areas. My p*ssy was NOTICABLY more wet than prior to our work. I also experienced a strong surge of energy for an entire week after our 1st session which helped me integrate a hard decision I had to make, AND allowed me to still be very active in my business daily.

If you’re thinking of doing Jade Egg work with Xine, she is the perfect person to guide you gently and lovingly through what might be an otherwise uncomfortable and/or uncertain experience.

Thank you Xine! I’m so grateful for you & I can’t wait to continue our work together! 💗"  
~ Heather Hartman, Feminine Biz Coach www.heatherhartman.com


"I had one session with Xine and it was transformational. She encouraged me to remember that pleasure takes many forms. So frequently women are expected to have sexual pleasure look a certain way, and we’re made to feel un-sexy or disconnected when our pleasure looks different. Having Xine there to support me in finding the pleasure my body, soul, self needed that day was truly a gift.

Since working with Xine I’ve felt more connected to my pleasure, more connected to my ability to nourish myself sensually, and more aligned with my sexual essence.

She truly is a gifted coach."
Rachel Alba - Certified Sex Coach at www.sexwithspirit.com