Xine La Fontaine Sensuality Guide

Ready to embody your Sexy in full Confidence,
while creating a powerful impact in the lives of your coaching clients?

Xine La Fontaine Sensuality GuideWorking with our Sensuality and Sexuality, opens the doors to a deep sense of delicious freedom in our body and lives.
It can feel utterly mind-blowing, like OMG I-had-no-idea-this-would-ever-be-my-reality, kind of good.

Once we've tasted the fruits of this freedom... it's so natural for us as coaches, to want to share this beautiful knowledge out with the world around us! Our lessons become incredible gifts to others.

And for you luscious, service-oriented healers of the world you...

I've got an opportunity that will open and awaken your deepest sensuality, all while expanding your coaching skills!
What if you could...

  • Delve into levels of sexual liberation and integration in your own body, feeling so juicy and ignited you can't WAIT to share your secret out with the world...
  • Further ignite your confidence as a coach, which includes a noticeable uplevelling in client results!
  • Do all of the above with integrity, in pleasure, with a depth of trauma-awareness and deep sense of self-love!

Sound good, yes?

And the best part is... you don't need a massive Certification to do it!

Hell Yes! Let's Get on a Connection Call!!

Get ready to become a conscious leader in the fast-growing world of Sensuality for Women!

In this saturated realm of coaching...

It's easy to feel a little generic. 
And it makes sense to want to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

  • Maybe you've done some online courses, read some books around sexuality and are really feeling called to serve women in this way as a coach, but desire to do it with integrity, in a safe and informed way.
    • Maybe you've tapped into your own sensual awakening and get all hot & bothered around the idea that YOU could actually own these skills as a coach and offer up these incredible benefits to your clients and communities!
    • Maybe you've already decided that this is the year you'll be dedicating yourself to fully stepping into your Sexual Empowerment and ecstasy while growing your coaching business!
    Well dear loves, Sensuality, Sexuality and Body-Based practices
    are a fast-growing industry.

    It's truly where women's empowerment is AT these days,
    and this is an opportunity for all of us to create a meaningful impact in our world!!

    Become a Sensuality Guide in 2020!

    Xine La Fontaine Sensuality GuideHi I'm Xine La Fontaine,
    A Sexual Empowerment and Embodiment Coach for Womxn on a Mission!

    I live my life and career with as much pleasure as possible! Mom of two in a 20+ year open relationship, living on a sub-tropical island, working with incredible clients and coaches...
    My Mission is to empower women into their leadership, by igniting their bodies and businesses.

    My career in women's Sensuality and Empowerment truly expanded after undergoing a deep level of sexual integration as a part of my Tantric Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification with Layla Martin.

    Of all the empowerment tools I tried...  
    It wasn't the 20 years of personal development... or business coaches... it wasn't the 75th online course, or new way to create funnels...

    It wasn't the medicine work in the jungles of Peru... or reading the latest book about xyz that brought me into alignment in my body and coaching business.

    What truly lit the fire inside (which was next to null and is now fired up on a dime!!), was the Tantric, Taoist and somatic tools that I am about to share with you:

    Introducing Sexy, Sensual and of Service

    A private 12-week journey to Sexual Empowerment and Coaching Bliss

    Sensuality Guide Xine La Fontaine

    Join me in this private 1:1 online experience that will change your life (and coaching career!) forever.

    Decide that 2020 is the year everything changed.
    Because 2020 is the year you stepped into your sexual empowerment and became a Sensuality Guide for Women!!

    • Feel the loving ecstasy flourish in your body. Become THAT WOMAN. You can finally stop wondering how the heck "other people" are so magnetic, sensual, successful and start living it in your own body and life.
    • Join the booming Sensual Revolution and feel confident in offering Sensuality Sessions to your clients and community, in a safe and responsible way that ensures EVERYONE enjoys the shit out of their sexy experience.
    • Become a connoisseur of Tantra and the Jade Egg and watch the impact these incredible tools have on the entirety of your life. Including your Coaching Career!
    • Watch the women you're coaching in their Sensuality BLOOM and expand in every area of their lives! And watch the brilliant testimonials and income flow in as a result.
    • Call yourself a trauma-informed coach and feel the relaxation in your nervous system and boost in confidence this brings to your practice!
    • Get better client results due to your increased depth of body presence, new incredible tools and unshakeable level of self-acceptance.
    • Magnetise what you desire like mad, while having a better sex life! Not a bad bonus for all invloved huh?!

    Hell Yes! Let's Get on a Connection Call!!

    Recent testimonials...

    Heather Hartman, Feminine Biz Coach

    Rachel Alba - Christian Sex Coach

    The juicy nuggets...

    Wondering how all of this comes together? Here's the breakdown:

    As one of the lucky participants in Sexy, Sensual and of Service, you'll receive:

    12 private, 1:1 online Sexual Empowerment Coaching Sessions where you'll experience:
    • Learning Tantra and the Jade Egg as master tools and techniques to help you connect to your sexuality and empowerment in your body, so that you can feel ignited, turned-on and newly-liberated like a butterfly expanding its wings for the very first time.
    • Deepening your personal journey with your sexuality, so that you can hold deeper spaces of Sensuality with your clients. When you've done the work yourself, you become a pro at holding this for others. This is palpable.
    • Support from me for the duration, in between coaching sessions within working hours, through Email and voxer system (a walkie-talkie type system that allows you to send vocal messages).
    • A relaxed yet powerful coaching pace that moves as you move. We work with a 3 weeks on, one week off schedule (this rest week is just as much a part of the process as the coaching!) and we work with where your body is at in the moment. No need to rush or push anything, the body opens with ease, when we stop fighting it.
    • Trauma Awareness Training with guest expert Shelby Leigh. You'll receive access to Shelby's amazing online course: Creating Safer Spaces.

    Here are some of the areas you may choose to explore in your 1:1 coaching journey:

    • Full body orgasms
    • Increasing sensation and sensitivity in the vagina with the Jade Egg
    • Taoist Ritual for grounding, increased vitality and sexual aliveness
    • Tantra for solo practitioners (and couples practices! Because we ALLLL know that when the relationship is solid and sexy, everything else gels too)
    • Gentle healing of old sexual wounds, which leads to greater sexual freedom!


    • Access to my monthly group Rituals at no additional cost.
      Next up: February 9th, 2020 - Sexy Money Manifestation Ritual
    • Participate in a bonus small group coaching call around trauma-awareness with Shelby Leigh!
    • Receive 3 personalized Sensuality Sessions you will embody yourself, and can then offer up with confidence to your clients and communities! You'll even receive the opportunity to practice coaching other Sexy, Sensual and of Service sisters to feel more at ease bringing these sexy new gifts out into the world.
    Our guest expert...

    Shelby Leigh is a Somatic Psychotherapist and Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and is passionate about bringing trauma awareness to the healers and feelers of the world.
    While many of us have the best of intentions, without the awareness of how trauma lives in the body and plays out, we’re less effective in our work with clients and students.

    Shelby brings big heart and fierceness to sharing her knowledge from nearly 15 years professional experience as a coach, therapist specializing in trauma, meditation teacher, senior teacher in a Sex, Love Relationship Coaches certification program and so much more.

    Her role in this program is to help you embody your clarity and confidence so that when folks with trauma walk through your door that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’ve “got” this. You know how to track them, support them and guide them so they can truly receive the gifts you’re offering.
    You’ll also be confident in when to help them get additional support and feel GOOD about being able to say that to them.

    Shelby LOVES bringing pleasure into the world of trauma and she’ll share with you how pleasure can support your clients when introduced in a way that works well for them and their unique nervous system and history.

    Most importantly, she’ll help you understand how to be with yourself and tap into the incredible capacity you have in your own body to meet whatever arises and follow your wisdom towards what’s most helpful to each situation.

    "I've been coaching women in nutrition for years and had many coaches myself - but never experienced a coach quite like Xine. Down to earth, caring and just divine. She helped me become the bigger version of the woman I am meant to be. Working with Xine is a safe, beautiful, clean & clear experience, where I was given incredible tools I was missing in my life to help with issues I didn't think were solvable.

    Some issues I didn't even know existed were brought to light and held for me in a safe space to work through. I hold myself different, I walk differently, I have a big fresh breath of confidence breathed into me. I am a new woman. If you are curious about what it feels like to be consciously coached + transformed this way and truly empowered as a woman - book with Xine ASAP."

    ~ Raina Dawn Lutz, Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Lutz Nutrition.

    Who is Sexy, Sensual and of Service for?

    Xine La Fontaine Sensual RevolutionThis is for you if you already have a coaching certification or have been coaching regularly for at least two years. This program is not a coaching certification, it's an expansion of the amazing skills you've already begun to nurture and build as a coach.

    We'll be enjoying profound coaching methodologies and tools that help you feel safer to expand in your sexuality, as I'm a trained and Certified Tantric Sex, Love & Relationship Coach.

    In your exciting new role as a Sensuality Guide...
    You'll experience more confidence, feel qualified and in integrity holding deeper, informed, safer spaces for your clients and communities when it comes to body-based practices, Sensuality and Embodiment sessions...

    But this program is not intended to certify coaches in sexuality, Tantra or the Jade Egg. You'll need more intensive training to offer those to your clients!

    If you're excited to hold these Sacred Spaces of Sensuality for Women...

    Help them become more deeply connected to and empowered in their bodies & overal senses, allowing more confidence and freedom in love and life... leading to better client results, but don't want to undergo another massive training to get there, this is the program for you!

    Give me the deets!!

    For this 4-month journey that includes:

    • 12 private online 1:1 sexual empowerment and integration coaching sessions with me
    • 3 personalized Sensuality Sessions you can embody, mix & match and then share out with your clients and communities
    • Becoming a trauma-aware Coach
    • Access to my monthly group Rituals for free
    • Access to Shelby Leigh's Creating Safer Spaces as well as a bonus group Trauma-Awareness coaching call
    Your investment is $3333usd (if paid in full)

    Payment Plan available:

    • Initial deposit of $1000usd
    • Payment of $888usd for the following 3 months (on the 1st of each month)
    • Total of $3664usd on the payment plan

    Hell Yes! Let's Get on a Connection Call!!

    * Please note that there are no refunds once the deposit is made.  The delicate nature of this type of training requires that you complete the entirety of the program to hold powerful, present and integrated space for other women! I ask for your full commitment as of your first deposit payment.

    Step One:

    Sit quietly, place one hand over pussy and connect deeply with her wisdom. Feel into your whole body, whether or not this is an aligned path for you.

    If you get a NO. Beautiful, you're more deeply connected to pussy now. 🙂

    If you get a YES! Click on the little box below and let's get on a free Connection Call to see if this is a right fit!

    Step Two:

    Hell Yes! Let's Get on a Connection Call!!

    Step Three:

    Enjoy your most meaningful Coaching Career yet, as a trauma-aware Sensuality Guide for Women in 2020. You are officially a part of a massive co-creation towards a Conscious, Awakened and Alive World!! Thank you!

    "Xine was a wonderful coach and a very important part of how we cemented our bond with one another at a relatively early stage in our relationship. We've done therapy before, and plenty of work on ourselves, but perhaps never something so focused on making our lives better/ rather than just fixing something or other.

    And this is what Xine excelled at: Helping us experience, very directly, what it's like to feel better, connect more fully, and live more mindfully on our own and together, with our sexuality as a cornerstone of that. Would highly recommend!"
    ~ Anonymous