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Sensual Holistic Travel: 11 Steps to Feeling Delicious while Abroad

Let’s face it, traveling is amazing. There isn’t any doubt about that.

But it can also be quite un-grounding, when moving from place to place, into the unknown. And remaining intentional with how we treat our bodies and energy, is key to sustaining and enhancing our holistic Sensual travel experience. This is especially true for longer-term trips.

So how do we remain intentional, while enjoying, relaxing and letting go? No one wants to go on vacation and avoid all of the delicious foods that each country offers, or suddenly need to take on the most rigid of exercise routines, right? We want to appreciate, while FEELING GOOD! And this last part, is the quintessential notion to retain here.

We want to stay connected, feel energetic, feel luscious and beautiful, and feel good in our bodies, while opening ourselves up the boost of creative inspiration that travel can bring about.

Here are 11 WAYS to maintain and ACTIVATE that gorgeous Sensual stamina throughout:

1-Set intentions before each travel segment.

Before you leave for your next trip, grab a designated notebook, write down what you would love to experience, feel or have achieved by the time you return. What questions do you want answered? What would feel absolutely amazing to experience? Don’t be shy!! I do this every time I head down to Barcelona for the solo portion of my partnered arrangement. I usually choose three elements to work with and they become an integral part of my experience, every time!


Just because there are 25 highly-rated adventures or Sacred sites in the vicinity. This does NOT mean you have to hit them all. Remaining Sensual requires trusting that what arises for you in the moment, is precisely what you need to see / hear / experience. Sometimes you will get more out of a simple 15-minute walk on the beach nearby, than a day-long crowd-packed tourist attraction. Especially if you are already feeling a little tired from your travel motions. Listen in and don’t push yourself to exhaustion… just because.

3- Avoid eating CRAP foods (as much as possible)

This one can be tough to manage as there are so many delicious treats and specialty foods while travelling. All of these being a part of the experience! Consider taking small taste portions, or try out the ones that are less of the healthy variety (hello churros!) by sharing with your family or group.

The point here, is that you want to keep feeling good. Eating crap will NOT make you feel good. Neither does inhaling loads of alcohol every day. I know, I know, rhum on the beach is just a part of the experience when going down South. And a fabulous glass of wine with food in France is like… a necessity!
But what if you have one glass, and savour every sip, feeling it in your mouth, tasting the delicate flavours, instead of downing a bottle and crashing after your meal? And then… what if you had some alcohol one day, and skipped the next one or two?

There are ways to enjoy all of these delicacies, without losing energy or lacking in experiences, and your body is the BEST compass to let you know when enough is enough. Feeling unwell in our body, makes it harder to feel connected, grounded and energetic. We lose patience with the kids or friends, feel tired and lazy, and we usually just end up feeling more exhausted when we return from our trip, than when we began!
Maintain a decently healthy diet as the base, and add in little intentional splurges here and there. This will allow the fullest of experiences, and keep you feeling great.

Sensual Holistic Travel Hawaii

4- Feel your Root Chakra, every day

This can be done while in transit from place to place. Whether in the metro, on a train, a flight, boat, or even waiting in line. Concentrate on the energy located at the base of your torso, in the area where your pelvis meets a bicycle seat. Visualize a glowing red ball of energy there and feel the magnetism of your body towards the centre of the Earth. You can visualize roots growing down your legs and sinking into the ground. Grounding is an AMAZING way to maintain good health and strength while moving around, but it can also take some time to really feel into, when not “at home”, so give it space and time to really take effect, as it is well worth the effort.

5- Do something you would not usually do

This doesn’t have to involve jumping off of something , but it certainly can!
It just means, take a few chances. Talk to that person over there that feels like good vibes. Visit that thing you feel would be interesting but you are not sure why yet. Even if logically, you would have never opted for this kind of thing before. Explore what it is that attracted you towards this person or place? Follow the synchronicities as this keeps you deeply connected.

6- Be good to your body

Don’t drop the yoga, because you are no longer at home!
Give your body a good amount of time to stretch after sitting for long periods. Do some simple exercises when you know you won’t have much time for it later on in the trip. REST when you have just come back from a huge hike! Feel into your experiences with ALL of your Senses.

7- Keep a small altar with you everywhere you go!

Even if you are not at home, there is nothing like an altar to give you that sense of GROUNDING. The smell of the incense you usually use, the stones that were calling to come with you on this trip, all will bring you back to your sense of “home” rather quickly. And it does not have to be huge or elaborate either!! Once again, being intentional here is key.

I have Wandering Witch Kits for this exact purpose. Take a look and feel into which one wants to come with you on this next trip! They make awesome gifts too: 

Holistic Travel Wandering Witch Kit

8- Make time for sexual reconnection

Whether partnered or not, this is a source of Life Force energy that helps sustain any kind of motion. Spend time with your lover(s) or with yourself, with the only goal being to spend time getting into your sexual body.

9- Maintain healthy energetic boundaries.

This comes back around to lots of intentional pauses for rest, but it also relates to being very clear about what you want to achieve or what you need in the moment, especially when you are travelling with other people. Pleasing everyone all the time, does not work.
Say NO!
Stay back once in a while as your friends / partners go and enjoy something that is really exciting for them but less for you. Don’t be afraid to express, right from the onset, that you might need a lot of alone time, while travelling in a group. Be clear, respectful yet firm when needing some space and time. The more you rest, the better you can handle stressors that arise, with everyone else later on. They will wonder how you managed to stay so calm and energetic throughout!

10- Trust your gut.

If something or someone feels off, not right, trust this sensation. Some people manifest physical sensations in their body, when something doesn’t feel right, others simply “know”. Either way, tapping into this extrasensory or intuitive part of ourselves is a great way to keep things safe and fun!

11- Remember that feeling overwhelmed or disoriented is not abnormal and is a sign that you are expanding.

Give yourself time and space to feel into those when they show up. They do not mean you are inexperienced, or not strong enough, or a bad traveller, they just mean you are moving beyond your comfort zone. You are essentially getting ready to hold a different kind of space than you had before. This is a beautiful thing!!

I tend to experience some kind of “issue” right before heading out onto a big trips, like breaking a toe the day before heading out to Jamaica, or getting a fever before going into the Amazon Jungle of Peru. And more recently, I had quite the panic during a sandstorm at the Nowhere Festival in Spain. I felt trapped, alone, confused, overwhelmed. And I simply allowed myself some time to feel that way, “waiting out the storm” if you will. I found that as this was occurring, my body was screaming out for me to go find a place to dance it off. Acknowledging the discomfort without running away from it, and then releasing some of that pent up anxiety through dance and movement. It worked like a charm!!

Holistic Travel Green Lizard Totem

If I were to summarize the above into one sentence, this is what it would be:

Staying Sensual during our holistic travel requires us to continuously listen in, and then take action based on what we are hearing and feeling our body and Soul needs.

It’s a simple concept, if not always a simple habit to uphold. But it is SO worth it in the end, and is truly a recipe for undergoing the BEST holistic travel experience you have had so far. Until the next one… of course.

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Whether near or far, sweet sweet travels to you,

Xine XO

(All photos taken during the Feminine Fire of Creation Retreat in Hawaii in 2016. Taken by Veruschka Normandeau at Magicwood Studios)

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