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From Safe to Sensuality Guide

A brief summary of what the last three years of my life have looked like…

For one, to send thanks and appreciation to all of the teachers I have encountered along the way.

And two, to truly paint a picture of what life can be like when we awaken to our Senses, Intuition and Connection. What it can look like when we take chances and go outside our comfort zone. It’s not all roses, but it is absolutely worth it.

I won’t even need to sell you on this. You can read for yourself.

Year One

We moved our family of four over to France from Montreal, Canada even though we had over $50 000 in school and credit card debt. This was a very bold move that was fed by a strong intuitive hunch and the will to step into something bigger.

I spent a year not having any friends or family connections. I learned a lot about who I was during that time. I had never moved away from home and this was a pretty big shocker.

We set up our new home, I joined B-School, and created a blog and business called Interior Musings. You can already feel the sexiness brewing in there.

I travelled a little to other cities in France and Belgium.

Year Two

I suddenly made a lot of friends in the bar scene here. If there is one thing I know how to do, it’s party. This was an easy space to settle into.

We drank, a lot, and often. As if we were in our 20s again. I had a lot of fun, danced until late, but was hurting most of the time and was probably not at my best where parental duties were concerned.

My husband and I began feeling energetic differences and decided to try opening our marriage. I then developed a huge crush on a bartender in our area. My crush lasted a year and a half and broke me into a million pieces as it was not reciprocal. This is one of the hardest lessons I have ever learned, yet it led to the discovery of my passion, purpose and what I do today, so I can be incredibly grateful for this and what that experience brought me.

I went through a short-lived depression. Feeling super lost, unhappy in my marriage, in HUGE debt and not feeling loved. Feeling very very far away and not welcomed where I lived.

One day, I tried out a belly dancing online video and discovered how dancing Sensually awakened a part of me that “broke” my depression and began bringing back that “drive” to keep going and to start creating something new of my own. This was a Sacral Chakra activation.

I travelled a little more: Italy, Spain.

Xine La Fontaine Sensuality Guide

Year Three

I began working with my intuition and superpowers… which includes feeling other people’s emotions. I discovered I was an empath. This is where it gets really good:

Alcohol consumption dropped back down tremendously without me having to push it along. It was just time and I could feel how it was inhibiting my “connection”. I didn’t like the sensation of being separate from life in that way. And I started to see how I was using alcohol as a distraction from feeling.

I started investing in myself and working with fabulous women such as Hillary Schneider, Veruschka Normandeau and Lola Archer Pickett later that year. Each of these women helped me work with my wild energy mismanagement, helped me rediscover how to love myself, heal old wounds and helped me learn how to be received by others.

At the beginning of that year, I decided I wanted to host retreats and did a test run in Montreal, in August with girlfriends that went swimmingly well. We saw a falling fireball meteorite that night. This was like a wink from the stars: “keep going”.

I discovered my purpose of sharing Sensuality and Sexuality work and very reluctantly chose to make it my career. “Who the hell am I to teach other people about Sensuality?” Hillary was a great help in gently and lovingly shoving me outside my comfort zone. Showing me just how powerful I truly was.

The Sensual Revolution was born.

The minute I decided to step into this, I manifested an outbreak of lice, scabies and bed bugs, all occurring somewhat simultaneously. Talk about your self-sabotage. It seems I have this ability to manifest stuff. Both good AND bad. Fortunately, I knew this was an indication that I was headed in the right direction, and that this was BIG!

During this outbreak, I tried smudging my apartment and raising the energy with flowers, music, essential oils and an intuitively-guided ritual. I smudged my husband too. I had never worked with this medicine before. It was intense, I had the “fuzzy sight” for the first time.

The next day, my husband came into the bedroom and told me he had received a massive bonus that would pay off all of our debt and set us up for some kind of future investment, when we are ready for it. I… could not comprehend what the heck had just gone on.

The marriage was still not going very well, especially coming out of this absolutely maddening infestation period. We started to work with coaches Natalie Vartanian and Bob Schwenkler and began seeing where we could take our connection, that felt more open and spacious for us.

I heeded the call, which was tattooed on my arm (see photo below) just before my test retreat with my girlfriends, and organized / co-hosted my first live retreat in Hawaii in early February. It was wildly magical. You can see the results here: Xine La Fontaine Sensuality Guide

During the organization phase of this retreat, my superpowers (this is what I love to call it) were growing and I kept getting the fuzzy sight.  Some kind of future glimpses I still don’t fully understand. I shared a really intense healing experience lead by my co-host Jessica Darlington and received a big time confirmation of the unseen that still chills me to this day. I will write about this experience eventually. It involves sexuality and becoming “uncaged”.

I discovered, got attuned and began doing distance Reiki VisionQuest Sessions. People loved these… and still do. I was fascinated by how and what I could offer through these sessions. How much my clients were and are transforming.

All of this in ONE YEAR!! 

Year Four

We are now a few months into my 4th year in Europe:

I recently had a fabulously sexy experience that triggered a kundalini awakening. Thank you, more please!

I have a growing FB group and am becoming more and more comfortable with my work and being recognized for what I do. Reiki Vision Quest Sessions are alive and well, workshops being created, the energy of expansion is feeding it all.

My husband and I are married, but the relationship is transitioning into a deep friendship with a strong love at the core. We are open and living in different homes. Things have never been better between us. We have our rough patches but MAN, what a difference it has made to simply allow a physical distance to come into play for both of our energies to thrive independently. We can now encourage and feed each other instead of exhausting each other every day. This was a game changer for both of us. This transition was inspired by Natalie Vartanian and Bob Schwenkler’s similar motion and the space was held for us by Lola Archer Pickett. I am incredibly grateful to all of them for this massive shift. 

I have begun sport climbing on a fairly regular basis and ADORE what it brings me, in terms of life lessons and pushing me past my safe zone. Dancing is a huge element that I will always cherish. It fires me up, brings me so much joy and pleasure.

Already this year, I have travelled to Portugal, lived in Barcelona for a month, been in Montreal and am getting ready to head over to Peru for a two-week Shamanic retreat where I will be visiting Sacred sites and undergoing medicine rituals.


Since writing the above outline, I am proud and so happy to announce that the marriage with my husband, after spending almost a year and a half mostly living in separate apartments, has come back into communion and mostly living as a family again. I’m floored and wildly appreciative of how everything has unfolded, even if it was not an easy transition. 

The point is that we ALLOWED that transition to take place!!

The travels to Peru were incredible. Connecting with Ayahuasca and Huachuma had a tremendous impact on me. And there has since been an incredible Shamanic Apprenticeship that has occurred. 

What’s next?

Coming up… A Sex, Love and Relationship Certification!!

After witnessing just how quickly dreams and DESIRES can become a reality, and living the magic first-hand, I no longer have any doubts in our ability to create them.

Each day, I learn, and each day, I share what I can with the world.

If you’re feeling the call, this is where you can see what I’m offering right now:

I would LOVE to share all of this creative energy with you!!

Xine XO

All photos taken by Veruschka Normandeau during the Feminine Fire of Creation Hawaii retreat in February 2016.

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  1. Wow. I absolutely love your story. Thank you for sharing this here!
    I can relate so deeply!
    What exactly does your tattoo represent? I have the throat chakra tattooed on my wrist, and when I saw your picture here, it reminded of it, with the triangle in the circle design. I love what you’re doing! I’m thankful to have found you through Soul Medicine Tribe.

    1. Post

      Alissa, the tattoo is the Lemurian Seal of Alchemy and was chosen for a couple of reasons: One being that it was a dedication to myself to get my butt over to Hawaii and two, the symbols have special meaning for me. The square was very representative of my Sacred Space and the triangle represents Mauna Kea, the Sacred force within it that held a sense of safety and protection. These were pieces of imagery I used when I began working with my energy and sensitivities as an empath. This visualization was brilliant! Thanks for reading and come on over when you feel called!

    1. Post

      Thank you Aurelia, it’s been quite the ride. And here’s to more authentic, real expressions moving forward! Looking forward to reading yours too 😉

  2. Very inspiring to watch you rise and transition through so many exciting life changes with such courage! I look forward to hearing more as you continue along this great big adventure! Thank you for all you do and contribute to the world ❤️

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