The Feminine Fire of Creation Women’s Workshop

Retreat Facilitators Here is an overview of the MAGIC that was made during The Feminine Fire of Creation Women’s Workshop, held in early Feb 2016, on Big Island, Hawaii.

This amazing retreat was a collaborative effort between myself and the lovely Jessica Darlington.

Read the testimonials below to get a feel for how attending participants and guest facilitators experienced the magic!

Jungle Home Hawaii Retreat

It all began…

In this lovely jungle home… This location was a dream. Intuitively chosen and perfectly located at the heart of the East coast jungle, in Pahoa, Big Island.

We were blessed with lots of wildlife roaming around the property. Birds chirping, mongoose running around, lizards making their appearance in perfectly-timed situations, bright and colorful butterflies and spiders in the garden area…

The home was perfect for us 6 attending ladies. We each had our own rooms, the screened-in lanai was massive, making it perfect for eating out as a group, holding circle and even holding the space for our Trans Dance moment facilitated by Lianne Joy.

Fantastic Feminine Energy throughout…

Who would have know that a group of six women, most who had never met, could get along so swimmingly!

It was a perfect collective, coming together as equals. Each of us had so much to bring into this collective as magical souls, we held the space for one another incredibly well as each dove into their own moments of shadow work and humility, one after the other… We were all here to release (or “drop off luggage” as one of the members called it), as well as “activate” and fire up our feminine power, that inner goddess we all have within us, and that is ready to shine through with great unburdened light.

One of the most memorable experiences was our Rite of Passage and Self-Marriage Ceremony facilitated by Veruschka Normandeau. The photos of this have been kept to ourselves as it felt very personal and intimate… If anyone gets the chance to experience this once in their lifetime, I highly recommend it.

When you come to a retreat to experience magic, magic happens and we were truly surrounded by it, every step of the way.



Animal Medicine in Full Effect

We were graciously greeted with wildlife of all kinds throughout our adventure. Six Honu (turtles) as seen on the left on our first sighting… whales coming to say hello everywhere we went. Black boars were sighted twice within this five day period too!

We felt welcomed and honoured to be able to witness this magical island’s natural scene as we were so deeply immersed and connected to the cycles of the Earth and Energies surrounding our retreat.

How we filled our five days…

Outdoor Activities included:

  • Beach swimming and circle
  • Climbing Mauna Kea
  • Visiting Mauna Ulu Crater
  • A jungle hike and rite of passage to a Self-Marriage ceremony facilitated by Veruschka Normandeau
  • Visiting the home of Miracle Botanicals essential oil creator Hope Johnson.
  • Ecstatic Dance at Kalani
  • Lava fields explorations
  • Lava tube “Womb” experience.

Indoor Retreat Activities included:

  • Morning Yoga, Breath, Voice and Energy Work
  • Collective Altar Creation
  • Collaging and Vision Boarding
  • Meditations, Visualizations
  • Sensual Dance and Body Movement
  • New Moon Ritual
  • Intuitive Art Creation
  • Inner Goddess Work
  • Connecting to our Sensual / Sexual Feminine Spirit
  • Trans Dance facilitated by Lianne Joy


Delicious Raw and Vegan Catering

Intuitively chosen, and we were NOT disappointed!!

These guys at Happy and Raw were amazing. The food was fresh, there was lots of variety, LOTS of food, and everything was absolutely delicious.

I was so inspired by this menu and overall approach that I came home and continued with the larger part of this healthy way of life.

“True sisterhood with such an open-mind and understanding!”

Pure Retreat Gorgeousness…

I can’t even begin to describe the landscapes, sunrises, sunsets we experienced in those five days… You truly need to experience this yourself to grasp it’s splendour. This was the sunrise directly outside our retreat location and the black sands beach just down the street! What?


Take a Peek…

Lizard Totem
Rainbow Falls
Magical Tree

Our Totem Lizard, Co-Hosts posing at Rainbow Falls and a view of the Mauna Loa peak (Pele) from atop Mauna Kea.

Magical Tree Magical Women
Jess and Jenny up Mauna Kea

Goddess Day photo by Jenny Tau, Collective Rainbow Falls pic, Jenny and Jess riding the wave of adventure up Mauna Kea.

Magical Tree Magical Women
Jess and Jenny up Mauna Kea

Banyan Tree Love with our group (taken by Veruschka Normandeau), of beautiful Jenny Tau and beautiful Lianne Joy.

Optional Photoshoot by Veruschka Normandeau

We had the great opportunity to be witnessed, truly seen and captured in our full Goddess splendour, in this incredible tropical scenery by Veruschka Normandeau.

XIne La Fontaine Hawaii Retreat

Every woman deserves a moment like this at least once (if not twelve times 🙂 ) in her life…


I went into the retreat not Jenny Tau Hawaii Retreatreally having much of expectation other than looking forward to be in sisterhood along with a knowing that this is where I need to be, at that point in time. It was almost as if Hawaii kept the secrets for me until I lived it, the expectation sheet was empty, but my adventure pen was uncapped, ink ready. 

We had SO MUCH FUN!!! We did not have a single dull moment! The schedule of activities were so packed that I barely had time to record it all or digest it! Our retreat organizers and facilitators made sure we were well covered in terms of activities. I loved how there was such a wide variety of activities, ranging from creative exercises, meditation, intention setting, outdoor activities, shamanic experience, sacred sites visits, women’s sharing circle… the list goes on, I can’t believe we did it all!!

All exercises were pertinent, albeit sometimes it may not appear so at first. I love the fact that the variety of the exercises constantly challenge our ‘norm’ and help us shed light onto ourselves under such different angles. The retreat helped me heal things I didn’t even know I need healing, or thought I was done with healing. For instance, on the last day of release, having done previous exercises that all led up to it, and being bathed in such love, supportive & acceptance energy of the group, it allowed me to be completely vulnerable and released a soul moaning that was unbeknownst to me. Sounds that I wouldn’t have associated as mine were released and then culminated to a complete meltdown. The sisters came in and held me and showered me with their love. What a tremendous experience. To this day, I am not 100% clear on what the release was about. But I do recognize part of it as being mine and the other part of the release was for the collective. And I also give the allowance that sometimes we do not need to understand it fully for it to serve its purpose.

There were lots of encouragements from the organizers, facilitators and the participants alike! Part of me is still amazed that we lived under the same roof for a full week and got along really well while started off as total strangers! True sisterhood with such open-mind and understanding! And as time goes by, I became aware of the beauty of everyone and appreciate the distinct qualities everyone brought forth, and that as the days went by, there was an ever increasing twinkle and radiance in each and every one of us as we dive deeper into ourselves and embrace our true feminine essence. Being in such a sacred circle of sisterhood is so healing, I wonder if this is getting closer to feeling like being part of a whole, the unity consciousness where everything is united and that everyone plays their distinct part in working together instead of against one another!

There are so many take-aways from this retreat every time I revisit it in my memory. I know I went in feeling rather lonely to having found loving sisterhood! I’ve also being reminded to get out of my head and to embody the spiritual experience through dance and to be playful as I tend to be head-heavy! Gaia also spoke very strongly to me, and to this day, I feel closer to her than I ever was (indeed she talks to me daily now!) I am also armed with many new tools for the journey outside of our beautiful circle, back to reality.

Last but not least, the food was FANTASTIC!! Everyday we were blown away by the quality, variety, yumminess factor of our food… and the location itself, Hawaii is absolutely majestic and pacha mama’s energy so strong… A totally unforgettable experience. (Photo of Jenny Tau by Veruschka Normandeau)

~ Jenny Tau, Participating Goddess of FUN!

Veruschka Priestess Pic Hawaii RetreatWhen it was time for me to attend and co-facilitate the Feminine Fire of Creation Workshop, happening in my very neighborhood by chance, I was prepared for lots of logistics. Just coming out of a month of entertaining family, I was burned out about showing newcomers around. Instead, I landed in a nest of support, respect, inspiration, beauty and understanding. Everyone was open to co-operating, the location that was chosen was an added bonus and in the heart of the beauty of the jungle and our wild coastline. Our catered food was impressive and nourishing, sourcing from the land in our area. I wish I could eat this way all year round – an extra special treat.

From my perspective as a local facilitator, I witnessed incredibly brave, strong women, full of intention, who manifested the best possible support on all levels. We had an instant chemistry and our level of vision was aligned, thus the container was easily translated into our collective goal: our minds getting blown by magical experiences.

I stepped into an environment that instantly many healed many wounds I was carrying and empowered me to show up fully for these Goddesses that were ready to play deep and fearlessly. I am honored to work with women who recognize the importance and depth of self-commitment/care/expression and who invited me to perform a sacred self-marriage ceremony in nature. This was a total dream come true, to witness eachother in complete vulnerability and power and at our most authentic, what a privilege to connect with other women at this level of connection and self acceptance.

This retreat was pivotal in restoring my faith, feeling valuable and that my dreams matter and are supported, dreams for myself, my family and our world. This type of sisterhood connection should be a template in every community. I am sure I will be reaping the rewards of this particular rite of passage for years to come, for I am changed. I feel that the nature of this retreat brings women permission to be in their power and connect with their greatest vision, foremost by connecting to the natural environment they are exploring.

I am forever grateful for the grace Xine and Jessica brought and the caliber of the beautiful participants, with equal integrity and sincerity. Their thoughtful choreography of the event and the room for palatable magic left much space for creativity to fill the open gaps effortlessly. They validated my Mystic mermaid-cowboyness and allowed me to fill my shoes to show up more in my super-powers. I also was catapulted into a passion of mine of taking sacred portraits, which was a synergistic experience that allowed me to access my creative genius – so walking away from this week – I assure you, I am changed by getting to share my gifts with the world and witness the impact.
Empowerment, sisterhood, going beyond belief… I wish this type of retreat for women once a year – at least! 🙂

Footnote: since our retreat less than two weeks ago, I made 6 new pair of empowering earrings, I have filled out one of my month long programs, I meet one of my favorite rock stars – on an island no less – and took her to our volcano and now have a deal to manufacture my Grace Hawaii Vibrational Flower Essences, with aligned vision and spread them internationally, with the art of my favorite artist on it. I am getting to work with the UN in a diplomatic way with our population and the well-being of our earth and abundance. I have met a new mentor that exceeds my expectations (A huge wish I had). How fast was this —- TRUE MAGIC!!! AND – I started my youtube interview channel, Salt of the Earth!

~ Veruschka Normandeau, Healing Arts Coach and Mystic Mermaid Cowboy

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