Jade Eggs


Get ready to meet your new best friend… for life!

Jade Eggs are a lady’s best friend for SO MANY reasons!!

They are healing in all the right ways: they help improve muscle tone and increase sensation in your vagina, they help you increase your mind-body connection, they help boost your energy levels and self-love!, they help you get to know your pussy and can help prevent health issues such as prolapsus. They can help alleviate period pains and are AMAZING to regain healthy connection and strength after giving birth!

These beauties are Reiki energy-infused before leaving the house. Every aspect of this process is filled with beautiful intention and love.

Nephrite Jade: 55€ + shipping
Black Obsidian: 44€ + shipping

When you purchase your Jade Egg, you will receive:

  • A medium-sized, drilled Jade Egg stone
  • A soft carrying case to keep your Egg safe and clean
  • BONUS: Free access to an instructional video I have created for you!! You will obtain access once you receive your package.
  • All packaging is uber environmentally-friendly. Most of the elements are made of 100% recycled cardboard / paper.

Enjoy this luscious adventure back to your beautiful body. If you need a more personalized introductory session, do not hesitate to book a One-on-One video session here: The Sensual Revolution and if you have questions, feel free to reach out here: Contact Page.

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You can buy Jade Eggs from a variety of online shops these days, but it is incredibly important to know what you are receiving and be certain of its authenticity.  We are working with a very sensitive part of our body!

These Jade Eggs are safe, non-toxic and yoni-ready. I purchase from a supplier that avoids using any harsh chemicals, dies or additives in the process. Each Egg is created from a Nephrite Jade mine located in the Cassiar area in BC, Canada. They are hand-polished and magnificent. The Nephrite Jade has been my personal favorite for a while now and what I use (almost) every day!

Regular use of this beautiful tool, increases awareness, sensation, connection and overall energy flow to this beautiful part of our body that for many of us, might have felt quite unknown, mysterious.
Well not anymore. Let’s get reacquainted, shall we?

(The Egg in the photo, is Black Obsidian, the Nephrite Jade Egg varies in shades of deep green. It’s a real beauty.)