Future Vision

The Importance of Holding a Vision for the Future

During times of crisis, it is so much harder to keep a clear view and trust in where we are going in the future.

Where we are going personally
Where we are going as a family
Where we are going with our work
Where we are going as a collective
Where we are going in connection with our planet and all of its inhabitants

The future starts to look blurry, unfocused, uncertain, unsafe.
“How can we ABC… if XYZ is in such terrible shape?”

And here’s why it is so incredibly imperative for each of us to practice playing out an ideal future vision:

The story we choose to see, believe, live out, is the story that we attract and create around us.

And if we are creating that story for ourselves, we begin to influence others with our story, in the actions we take and with the words we use when speaking to our family, our friends, our colleagues, even reinforcing it to ourselves in the mirror.

So what if, right now, we chose a different story?

What if we created a Future, in our minds and vision, that includes all of the best outcomes, instead of the worst? What if instead of playing out those awful scenarios we hear about, over and over in our heads, we stopped it, right now, and chose to create a new one?

I am not talking about bypassing, avoiding or pretending these circumstances don’t exist. I believe in honouring the emotions that arise out of challenge and intensity. This is a very important step not to skip as it tells us a lot about who we are and where our insecurities lie. But I am speaking about not letting them take us down! Not lingering in them, and feeding the collective downward spiral it creates.

Can you do this with me?

Close your eyes and start creating an ideal: See yourself in 5 years from now.
Where are you, what are you wearing, who are you with, what have you achieved?
What are you so incredibly proud of?

And now, do this again for our collective. Create an ideal world in your mind, so you can slowly but surely begin to assist it in taking shape:

In 20 years from now, where are we as a collective of humans on the planet?
What are we doing, how are we communicating, loving, relating?
What does our governing system look like?
How is the economy, the environment?

Keep playing those ideals out in your mind. Every night before bed, if you can.
Honestly you don’t even need to fully believe it, for this to work.
Over time, you will start to see little elements of this come to fruition.
And best of all, you will start to TRUST that it is possible.
And THIS is the most powerful way for this story to become reality.
For you, for me, for them, for us all.

Our mind is incredible. The tattoo on my left arm is the Lemurian Seal of Alchemy and it states that: “Mind Creates Reality”. The inhabitants of pre-Hawaii that lived thousands and thousands of years ago believed this. And so do I.

Lemurian Seal of Alchemy

The more we share in this practice, the more we raise the collective vibration and energy towards the ideals we ALL desire: PEACE, LOVE, CONNECTION, RESPECT and all others that make it into the collective cloud.

It’s time to get to work, and this is something we can all participate in with ease. Creating a future we trust and feel safe to step forward into. It is an incredibly uplifting practice.

Share with us, what YOU desire for our collective future in the comments below. Your chosen vision is of great importance, so don’t hesitate to go as beautiful as you can with it! Let your mind expand into even better than you could ever imagine. As this is a gift to us all. <3

And thank you, for the work you are doing,

Xine XO

Cover Photo by Clemente Ruiz Abenza on Unsplash

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  1. To be self-sufficient, learn, teach, live off the land which Mother Nature/ the Creater provides and find peace/ be free. Awareness and appreciation for life.

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