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How Food and Nutrition can Rock your Sex Life

Every Spring, I get the urge.

There is something about this time of year that awakens all my Senses, and enlivens the desire to deeply connect with my body and love up on myself, through healing, fresh food and nutrition. Can you relate?

Having been quite actively engaged in a Tantric Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification with Layla Martin, this all feels in alignment:

The body is calling for fuel. REAL fuel.

Let's explore some of the elements that can act as serious fuel for how we feel in our bodies, while adding a sweet boost of juiciness to our sex lives.

We'll start with the Sensual side of things (because that's how I roll).

1- Deep Sensual work with our bodies, opens us to direct intuitive communication.

We learn how to listen, when our body speaks to us. The back and forth flow of communication becomes more and more clear, as we practice, and is quite helpful in making healing food and nutrition choices. As we practice acting on what we hear, it invites in a level of connection, of trust and of safety that we are caring for ourselves on a deep level.

Connection, trust and safety are pretty key ingredients to having a sweet time in bed too!

Food and nutrition pineapple

Now... Let's give you some practical tools that create BIG MAGIC:

As you awaken in the morning, place your hand over your heart, scan your body and ask:

"What do you need?"

Listen for an answer. This is a great way to develop those intuitive muscles. You may receive words, you may receive imagery, you may receive sensations. In some cases, you can even receive very specific dietary or action-based messages.
This takes practice, so be patient with yourself.

The key here is to take healing action on what you received. It builds trust.

Allow yourself to "make it up" a little, as this is a trick to increase our  intuitive connection.
Build on this back and forth communication with your sweet body, and you are paving the road to some amazing connected sexual experiences.

2- Having FUN with our food, makes it all the more pleasurable.

I'll be the enabler and totally encourage you to try this at home:
Create a fun Ritual for yourself (or for you and a lover) and have fun exploring a side of food you may have never considered.
Bring Food and Sex together into one hella round of sexy fun!


Prep up your space as if you are a goddess heading into your beauty ritual.
Get some candles, essential oils, incense, silk sheets... whatever you enjoy that activates your senses.
Choose some enticing music.

Grab 5 elements:
One food you love the taste of
One food you love the smell of
One food you love the texture of
One food you love the sight of
One food you love the sound of
Make sure ALL of the above foods are healing for your body, in some way or another.

Start your Ritual:

Get settled in, take a few deep breaths and feel into your body. Allow your breath, your hands to slowly move anywhere the body calls for. Relax into it and enjoy this.
One by one, incorporate each of the foods you have chosen, paying special attention to the related Sense.
Feed yourself, or each other slowly, gently, see how it feels when you add a delicious scent to your sexy experience.
How do you react to the sounds of your lover biting into a strawberry or to the sight of the luscious dragon fruit?
Some senses will be more enticing than others. The point here is to explore and have fun!!

The above ritual takes our connection to food into a whole other spectrum of awareness! We are telling our body and brain that it is SAFE to associate PLEASURE to our Sensations and to healing food and nutrition!! This is HUGE!

Now... Let's get Sexy, by setting Nutritious intentions:

To get down and dirty with some more practical magic, I would love to invite an expert into the mix: Mademoiselle Raina Dawn Lutz. Food and nutrition Raina Dawn Lutz

Raina is a Holistic Nutritionist & Coach over at Lutz Nutrition who assists "AMAZING women who are ready to step up and start eating (and feeling) better!" She is a Kombucha Rockstar, the Queen of Rock Classics and an all around awesome human being.

I asked Raina a few really important questions around how food can help us feel amazing, with a particular focus on how this can assist our sex lives and here's how that conversation went:

"Raina, thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

Can you share with me a few practical nutrition-based tools our viewers can easily apply to FEEL GOOD as Spring shines its delicious rays of warmth down on us?"

"This is such a great time to start prepping our body for the warmth of the summer and is the time when we are encouraged to do 'cleansing.' With the natural rhythm of the seasons, spring and fall are great times to cleanse and prep for the new season. While I'm an advocate for safe, food-only cleanses (boxed herbal blends can be too intense for some) here are the simplest tools you can implement right now: add a glass of lemon water to your daily morning routine to get your liver lightened and feeling good. (Start with a couple drops and work your way up to the juice of 1/2 lemon. You can use apple cider vinegar instead if you like, it's just not as palatable!)

Secondly, adding more of the cooling foods like fresh fruits, sprouts or kombucha will also support cleansing and your liver at this time."

"I know that Hormones play a really big role in how our level of sexual thriving, and I wonder if you could share with us:
- What are some of the foods that can help balance our hormones?
- And perhaps share about circumstances that might hinder this sexiness from thriving?"

"Hormones are a very complicated piece of the health puzzle, and if you are feeling like your hormones are needing some love, I'd highly recommend seeing a naturopath in your area. Just for daily care-taking of our stress levels and hormones, real, whole foods are the best way to support balance in your body. Foods for hormone balance include bone broth, and healthy fats like coconut oil (eat this only - don't use it on your skin), avocados, grass-fed butter and wild-caught salmon. Stay away from the unhealthy fats in fast food and processed foods (margarine, canola oil, deep fried foods) and avoid sugar.

I think the most common circumstance that might affect our libido is high stress levels. Fatigue and changes in sleep patterns are a sign that our hormones are unbalanced, and not having good energy levels is definitely going to slow you down in the bedroom! Our hormones — such as estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline and insulin — are extremely important chemical messengers that affect our energy levels and overall wellness.

The entire endocrine system works together to control the level of hormones circulating throughout your body, and if one or more is even even slightly imbalanced it can cause widespread issues including lacking a sex drive. Honour yourself and your body by finding a hormone specialist in your area, and get on the clean eating bandwagon - it isn't hard, saves you money, tastes great AND improves your energy levels (happy hormones!) so you can get back into bed (not to sleep...!)"

Food and nutrition Coconut Bite

"One last question: What is the number one thing you have learned, as a Nutritionist, that made all the difference in how you relate to food as as source of fuel, for feeling amazing in your body?"

"The number one thing I have learned is that it is always about how we wish to feel. Becoming conscious of our body and it's needs is the fastest and best way to eat better most of the time (while you save money by not buying junk food anymore!) and to appreciate the treats and not feel guilty when we do indulge.

The more that my clients meditate or do yoga or journal or any other practice that gets them in touch with their body, that body-mind-spirit connection grows and you start to WANT to fuel yourself healthier food. Getting conscious is very powerful. You soon realize how "bad" foods make you feel and you start choosing healthier foods as you know how it feels, that level of 'amazing' in your body and your body is happy and thanks you by giving you more energy because you've chosen whole foods rich in vitamins/minerals/enzymes. It's a win-win."

Thank you SO MUCH Raina! These are great food thoughts for the soul!

You can find Raina Dawn Lutz over on her website at Lutz Nutrition.


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