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Full Moon Ritual

We all feel it… that mysterious energy in the air when the moon grows to its biggest and brightest. People get rowdy, animals go bonkers, the tides are at their highest fluctuation levels.

So what makes this time of the month so special, so magnetizing and awe inspiring?
Why does everything feel so emotionally charged or introspective on these brightly-lit nights?

I wrote this article, with the goal of sharing it with my pre-Hawaiian retreat FB group, but chose to share this far and wide as it has been such an amazing process for me.

Even the biggest skeptic… can feel that special bond to the Full Moon. It holds the mystery, the magic, the connectivity with everything around us, as we, here on Earth share this gravity pull with our orbiting companion.

Why a Ritual?

Creating ritual, or a regular practice, allows us to stop planning. It settles the mind, brings us back to ourselves, our bodies, signals a time frame that we can claim as “Our Time”. It is precious and invaluable.

What is a Ritual?

A ritual is a habit we create for ourselves. A space we hold for our best intentions and good. One might choose to create a ritual around exercising in the morning for example. Once the habit is instilled, the body knows what is coming and settles into it immediately.

It is similar with a meditative ritual. We create the habit, the space we go to where the body and mind know exactly what is to come and can sink in with ease.

For some, a ritual might include an altar or meditation space… For others, sitting on a bed, lighting some incense, and listening to music are best. I will share with you my personal favorite ways to connect to the magic of the moon through ritual below.

Full Moon Symbolism

The Full Moon signals a time to shed what we no longer need.
We might consider the analogy of the human cycle, as David Forrest speaks of in his book, The Book of the Moon here. He states: “We are now resonant with the natural psychology of midlife and its attendant spiritual crisis”.
We are reaching that point in the cycle, when we begin to question, who am I, where am I going, what can I let go of that will allow my path to stretch before me with more ease?

When the moon is full and at its brightest, the evening sky lights up… as does everything on earth it shines its light upon, including all those deep dark corners that like to remain hidden during nightfall… Forrest speaks of this phenomenon as: “we are fully extended into the world of manifestation. As Dayne Rudyard put it, “What was mainly felt in the past is now seen.”.”
… but what if we don’t always like or want to hear what that gorgeous Full Moon is shining a light on within ourselves?
This is the exposing power of the Full Moon… and this is our chance to allow that awareness to come into our conscious thought, so that we may see it, feel it fully, and gently love it loose.

When you are ready, grab a notebook, some tarot or oracle cards, some incense or whatever floats your boat from what I will describe below and get ready to release!

Phase One: Preparing our Sacred Space

This first essential step, sets the stage for what we are about to uncover and experience. We want to bring in elements we feel a special affinity towards. Elements that create a sense of relaxation, of trust and of home.

My Sacred Space is my bedroom, my altar, my office… there’s a lot going on in there yet it feels perfect. I generally like to light some incense, I play some Native American flute music or Reiki sound healing, I grab the tarot and/or Oracle decks that wants to come and play on that particular day and some crystals that grab my attention. I light some candles and dim the lights.

I love creating this ominous vibe in the room, with the smoke from the incense floating around, the scent my body and mind now recognize as a sign that it’s time to go inside. I generally sit on my bed and surround myself with my cards, crystals in hand, notebook and pen ready to receive whatever inspiration will want to come forward. I ready myself to receive, and to listen.

Phase Two: Awareness

Once the stage has been set, it’s time to bring forward what we will be working with during this session and a great way to get it going, is to sit in meditation and allow what wants to come up, to arise. When we feel relaxed, in the zone, we may ask ourself a few questions:
– What has been going on over the past while (since the last Full Moon Ritual perhaps)?
– What issues or emotions have come up repeatedly… wanting our attention?
– Where have we been resisting something or someone lately?
– What fears have popped up recently?

When we begin to ask these questions, stories, memories, may start to bubble up… The goal here is to look underneath the story and feel what is really going on… We’ve hit the right spot when we feel a twinge of emotion attached to that situation, person or thing. Perhaps we have been overly obsessing with something lately, maybe anger kept coming up and we can see why that is now…
Generally, when we begin to dissolve the story into emotion, let go of blaming others and start to take responsibility for our part in it, it can feel unpleasant, uncomfortable… and when we hit on those little discomforts, we want to stay with them, face them.

We want to listen to what this emotion, feeling is trying to tell us. Why did this situation, emotion keep coming up? What is it’s purpose for us right now? How can we loosen the grip and let things flow a bit more?

After some reflection into a few scenarios, choose what it is about those situations that you want to release?

You might journal as you go, writing down what comes up. You might choose to draw. You might want to pick an Oracle card to get a feel for where you can place more energy or attention… I generally like to do all the releasing work first, writing down as I go and then I create a spread of cards that reflect where my energies are now and where they will be once I have released what it is I am letting go of.

Phase Three: The Release

We want to take responsibility for our own shit here…

For example, if we feel we have been overbearing, we release our need to control this situation, or if we feel as though we have been wronged in some way, we might release our anger towards this person, or release the resistance we have of confronting them, or the habit of staying small in these scenarios. We acknowledge our part in what happens in our life and take a step towards eliminating what is preventing us from moving forward with ease… and ecstatic happiness!!

Releasing attachment to things we have really been wanting in our lives:

This might sound counterintuitive… but the full moon is a great time to let go of some of those obsessive thoughts surrounding what we have really really been wanting to bring into our life.

Why on earth would we release the thought of something we want to attract? Plain and simple. When we are thinking about something over and over, we become obsessive. Becoming obsessive leads to us not knowing how else we will live without it. We become “needy” of that thing, person, situation. When we are needy of something, energetically, we push it away… OUCH!

If we can get into a place, and really feel this in our body, where we are perfectly OK without this person, thing or situation (without lying to ourselves here… and our body will know if we do…), then we allow life to flow in regards to this request. We let it come to us, if it is good for us, yet we are very OK if does not. And this is key. There is a really great sense of strength behind this.

Let me be clear…
We are not letting go of the “thing” we are calling in. We are letting go of the “attachment” to it.
In many ways, it is a form of the expression, “If you love it, let it go”.
Not only are we increasing our chances of obtaining this thing or situation, in its full authenticity, but we are ensuring our happiness, even if it does not. Big winner!

And don’t get me wrong… this is not an easy process. In fact, choosing to let something go, can be really painful. Releasing an attachment is huge. Coming to the realization that I need to release the attachment to say, my husband, a really sweet opportunity or some other amazing thing I have been dreaming about, always gets me in the girl gonads. It’s a shitty feeling, to realize we have been overly reliant on that thing, that person, that situation. And that coming back into ourself is what will essentially make us happy.

Once we have made our final decision on what needs to be released, we can write each of them down on a white sheet of paper or in a notebook.

As we write each situation or scenario down, we want to really feel as though we are releasing this situation. Writing is a form of creativity, thought, intuition, manifested into real form… brought onto paper. As we write down what we want to release, we want to feel what it will feel like, to no longer have this situation, this resistance, this problem… We are teaching our body, all the cells in our system how we want to feel from now on. We are calling in this way of being.

Occasionally, I enjoy watching what I need to release disappear into the ethers… And one great (and really fun) way of going about this, is to burn what we have written down as a symbol that it is eternally leaving our body and mind.

I’m sure I don’t have to mention this, but I will anyways… Take precautions if you choose to use fire as a means of releasing. Do this outside, away from anything flammable, inside a container that can handle fire… right?

It is quite satisfying to watch our scenario dissolve into nothingness.
If we are in regular communication with our higher self, guides, family members who have passed, or whoever we feel is helping us on our journey, this is a great time to ask for assistance in releasing as well. It’s nice to feel supported when things aren’t easy.

Don’t be afraid to let emotions come through as you release.

Phase Four: Closing the Session and Calling In

This is my favorite phase. We get back into creation mode here and close with a more uplifting vibe!

We have just spent a lot of time releasing and have now created nice a blank slate that is ready to receive a new story, a new feeling, a new situation… So what do we want to fill this with?

What are we wanting to call in that makes us feel really good, feels right and gets us really excited to move forward with?
I know, I know, we just released the attachment to something we really want… and now we are calling something right back in? Well… YES!
Just because we are acknowledging and releasing these attachments, doesn’t mean we are releasing our right to delicious, pleasurable things…

In fact, while doing this, we often realize that perhaps that thing we are releasing attachment to, was not really what we wanted anyways… Once we feel the confidence that comes from not needing that thing, we realize that we had simply fallen into a pattern. A habit. Often times, once this attachment is gone, a new situation will arise to take its place or a modified version of this situation, one that is better for us and feels so much nicer, less needy, more open, abundant, and free.

Once those elements are chosen, write them down in a notebook or on a sheet of paper, and place them on your altar, near your cards, crystals or anywhere else that feels like a Sacred Space for your desires. Keep your desires in this area until the next Full Moon (or New Moon if you want to really get groovy with calling in desires…).

Don’t forget to close the Ritual in gratitude for this opportunity, this session, anything or anyone that assisted you and yourself, for having taken the time today.
I hope this brings you to a place of great self awareness, this process has helped me tremendously.

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Xine XO

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