I DECLARE that I am Enough


Apparently this new Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching program is starting to have an effect before it even begins…

I have decided:
I will never again price my offerings too low (changes in effect very soon at The Sensual Revolution).

I have decided:
Never again, will I say YES to a sexual encounter that is less than FABULOUS, it just isn’t worth it in the end.

I have decided:
To wholly dedicate myself to continuously learn and TEACH everything I know about the body, about what it means to lead a Sensual Life, to live with ALL of our Senses awakened, applying Shamanism, Medicine Work and diving into this field of Sexuality and Relationships wholly. Open, monogamous, trios, quads, same-sex, poly, etc.

I have decided:
I am enough and perfectly capable.
I am hot, juicy, compassionate, loving and caring.
I am ready to hold YOU in your path with such reverence for your process, with such respect for who you are, with such appreciation for everything you bring to the table. Even when you don’t feel that.

I have decided:
ALWAYS, I will view and respect my body and my work as being OF THE ESSENCE!! Important, highly-valued, an incredibly sexy channel for pleasure, deep learning, expansive energy and incredible transformation!!

You with me?
What do you DECIDE, right now, will no longer be undervalued?
By YOU or anyone else.
DECLARE it out loud in the mirror, and comment below:

You, my amazing Soul, are more than ENOUGH.

Xine XO

(Photo by MagicWood Studios)

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