Xine bring her home

Bring Her Home

Bring her back to that place where she always feels safe
Guide her back to that space where she feels she belongs

Connect with her deeply, ask questions, listen closely
Let her feel she is heard
Let her know she is seen

Take her into your heart
Without resisting…
If you begin to feel unworthy, know she is here because you very much are!

When she storms, stand tall
When she stings, bites and scratches
Simply smile and hold her even closer
Let her melt in your strength, feeling safe to let it go… all of it

Take her hand and lead her gently
Let her lead you in return
Make her smile every single day

Get excited at her excitement
Feel joy at her joy, even if you don’t entirely understand what it’s about
Get hot with her heat
And cool down when she grounds

Be open, patient, yet firm with your own desires
She wants to see you soar higher than you ever felt possible
Tell her she is beautiful, it can’t be expressed often enough

Open to her guidance
She will not eat you up whole or take over your life
She is wise, she feels and she knows…
Open to her knowing and trust in this offering as it is pure and it is true

Share it all with her, as she can hold it
Open up to her and she will heal your broken spirit

Treat her body like that of a goddess
Open her beyond what she has ever known
Be gentle and strong when she desires
Hold her completely… all of her

Take her in, and set her free
As she does not belong to you… nor you to her
She is a woman of the world and needs to follow her knowing
You are a man of the world and need to follow your passion

When you meet, at that crossing point
Where passion and knowing are one
Then you will feel the spark of creation
The energy that births and sustains all of life

Love her as the gorgeous soul that she is

Do this and she will become more of herself
Do this and you will become more of yourself
Do this and ALL will thrive
With this balance, the world thanks you…

Bring her back to that place where she always feels safe
Bring her back to that space that feels like home.

Photo taken on Big Island shores, Hawaii, by Veruschka Normandeau

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