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Body Healing and Why I get my Butt on the Mat at 6:30am

This is where the body healing magic happens

I am currently undergoing a Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification with Layla Martin. Let's just say, it's week TWO, and I'm already in deep. Being held and guided through a process that takes me into my sexuality, both pleasure and trauma, I have felt the need and chosen to carve out a space during the day, that is just for me.

It's 6:30am...

It's dark outside, it's cold, I don't want to get up to do my exercises.
But then the habit kicks in and I remember why I have been doing it: 

This is MY TIME.

The house is quiet, no one else comes downstairs, I get to do the things I want to achieve that I tend to put off until "the-forever-later-that-never-happens", like yoga, pilates, writing, meditating, overall stillness.
Most importantly, THIS is the space I carve out that feeds the rest of my busy day with energy and intention. 

This is the time to listen to what my body needs and respond with an aligned action.

I take it SLOW!!

The magic carpet ride every morning, doesn't hurt... I have dedicated myself to doing a variety of exercises every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. Wednesdays are my mid-week "do what you feel" time. It usually means EXTRA rest, no exercise unless really wanting it, a bath.

I start my Body Healing with EASE.

Starting is hard enough. When we overload all at once, we give up. That doesn't serve anyone, does it? 

I tap into what my body needs most!

Is it a gentle yin yoga session when I feel sick or overwhelmed, is it more of a core pilates course, when I feel doubts coming on? Is it more of a dancing flow, when I want to tap into my intuitive or creative drive? 

Once I feel into it, I go over to and choose a 20 minute class! That's it!!

I love a piece of advice I received from my mentor Layla in our first group call: She recommended to just do it for five minutes and see... Commiting to five minutes isn't bad right? If you get into it, GREAT! If your body sends signals that this is just not going to work, don't PUSH. Honor your body and end your session. Whether that is running, yoga or even a Jade Egg practice. Get yourself past the initial resistance, but remain in integrity with your body. Brilliant. 

Body Healing Xine La Fontaine Yoga

Moving forward and taking those actions is important. No one doubts this part. But what we forget sometimes is that LISTENING is just as essential! The listening allows for our actions, our dedication, to slowly gain strength, to gain momentum and flow. And we can fully appreciate the process!! 

The same thing goes for working with deeper Body Work, Body Healing and Sensuality

When we decide to reconnect to our Sensual Body, it's OK to go SLOW! In fact, you are invited to.

It's important to take action, of course. It's essential to feel a complete TRUST in the GUIDE that is helping you reach your goals.

And ultimately, you are learning to "carve out a space" for YOURSELF. You are learning to LISTEN to what your body is NEEDING, at every turn. 

Your GUIDE is there to bring you Body Medicine, support your efforts and hold you through it.

And this is what I can do for you, just as my Tantric GUIDES and Mentors are doing for me. My approach applies Body Medicine: Reiki, Tantric and Shamanic practices. 

After two sessions this week in my Tantra Certification, my body needed a break. I knew I would be delaying my progress, I knew I would have to go "off timing" and do a make-up class, but this INNER KNOWING was so strong.

I LISTENED and took action. 

I caught up on some reading, I stayed warm, I put ZERO pressure on myself whatsoever to achieve anything in particular. And you know what? The next day, I had ENERGY!!!

Learning to RECONNECT to our Body and its messages, means learning to TRUST what we hear!!

Are you ready to dive into your very own Body Healing? 

It would be my pleasure to assist you on your journey towards LISTENING, feeling and eventually guiding YOURSELF!!

I am ready. Show me the way!!

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