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Xine La Fontaine

A Conscious Sexuality & Empowerment Coach, Desire Guide and FireStarter

I believe, within the depths of my heart in the power that each of us hold as individuals. Our ability to heal ourselves, free our bodies from conditioning, stress cycles, from suffering and energetic stagnation, has a direct impact on our ability to uphold our greatest Mission out in the world.

When we learn the tools that help us feel empowered, help us move out of "stuckness" while also inviting in states of love, ecstasy and pleasure, potential is limitless. 

We become a true and driving force in the conscious and soulful evolution of our world.

Xine La Fontaine

Welcome to YOUR Sensual Revolution

How did I get here?

This journey began with a deep desire to feel alive again. Not long after moving our family to Europe, 15 years into our marriage, I awoke to the realization of how much of myself, of my power, I had unknowingly given away, in an effort to keep things going as they were in my life and relationship. I felt like I had lost my sense of individuality, my own passions, the connection I so craved to experience within my body, and especially that spark of aliveness and lusciousness in sexuality.

Both my life's mission and level of sexual desire were a flatline and I had pretty much resigned to this being the new normal.

Learning body-based tools ignited the fuel for my mission!

Jade Egg Desire Coach

I made the conscious decision to become a profound source of healing for others, after discovering that my creative energy and life spice became ignited after taking a belly dancing class. Life was sweet again... at least, temporarily and I was determined to learn more about this amazing and liberating phenomena. 

  • I dove deep into doing body work
  • ♥  Learned from a variety of coaches
  • ♥  Followed my heart into the jungles and mountains of Peru to do medicine work
  • ♥  Hosted some women's retreats in Hawaii and British Columbia
  • ♥  Participated in a Shamanic Apprenticeship
  • ♥  Did some Reiki trainings
  • ♥  And the most potent teaching that I could have ever received, was when I buckled down and did a 600-hour Tantric Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification hosted by Layla Martin. 
"Xine La Fontaine is a deliciously seductive invitation into higher truth. She sparkles with wisdom and life and is ambitious to serve humanity”. ~ Layla Martin

Tantric Coaching methodologies that help Awaken and Unleash our Body.

Tantra Coach Xine La FontaineThis was an incredible year that took me under, over and out (including an intensive coach-building practice schedule!). Somatic tools to help connect with and release layers of trauma and stress cycles from my body. Traditional processes, such as Tantra, Taoist Energy practices, the Jade Egg, Shamanic Ritual, contemporary researched practices that work with the body and mind. All built on a philosophy of deep love & acceptance, that is Tantra.

I learned and now teach women how to activate, ground and liberate the precious energy that we all hold inside:

Sensual Revolution Sexual Energy

My heart and soul vibrate with joy as I offer my life's teachings to women (sometimes men and couples too!) to become more Empowered in their bodies, sexuality through conscious healing and enrichment. I help people connect with their most meaningful Desires and Unleash their bodies, so that they can Unleash their true Mission in this world! 

And you don't need to undergo a massive coach training to get there!

It's now my life's mission to bring these powerful tools to you... 

And eventually, to the younger generation coming into adulthood, so that they may know themselves, their bodies, how to self heal and liberate their hearts genuinely, as they step into becoming the next generation of Conscious Leaders in our world. 

But first... it's all about you. And it's my pleasure to guide you into your next, and most profound awakening. 

Ready to give this a try? 

Download my free audio training below! 

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3 Steps to Awakening your Body and Igniting your Life Desires.


I participated in a cycle of sessions based on the Chakras; sessions that were rich in the Senses and great to experience, due to the variety of tools. I received a mix of tools such as Reiki Sessions, Chi Gong exercises, yoga, visualizations, and even rituals.

Christine makes it a point to ensure that we leave with the ability to apply the learned tools on our own at home, which brings in great opportunity for growth during our series of sessions together, while adapting to the client's individual needs as they show up.

I was well-guided and thank her for her availability and clarifying responses. These sessions are truly lived out as a journey, and I recommend taking this journey in Christine's company.

I experienced personal transformations, learned to understand myself with more clarity, moved through paths that had initially felt blocked and how to better know how to circulate this energy! During this time, my relationships evolved, I created ties with new friends and acquaintances. I saw changes in my overall chosen activities and even on a professional level. Two new interviews, a new contract, and I have begun devoting my time in a new association. Living out these shifts was not easy, but it felt as though the path simply lit up as I moved forward in my expansion, giving me so many more possibilities to choose from! (translated from French)

~ Audrey

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