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Hi, I’m Xine La Fontaine: 

Xine La Fontaine Desire Coach

A Conscious Sexuality & Desire Coach, Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner and Firestarter : )

I believe, within the depths of my heart, that each and every one of us has an important role to play in healing OURSELVES, so that we may become a driving force in the true healing and soulful evolution of our world.

What began as a seemingly failing marriage, quickly became a huge opportunity for growth.

About 6 years ago, my husband of 15 years and I made a bold overseas move from Canada to France, with our two kids in tow, a huge debt and wild adventurous hearts.

Not long after, this experience showcased to me how profoundly unhappy I was in my relationship. It became very clear, just how much of myself, of my power, I had unknowingly GIVEN AWAY, in an effort to keep things “going” as they were. I felt I had completely lost my sense of individuality, my own passions, my connection to my body, sexuality, over the years of living as “a couple”. My sexual desire was completely void and I had pretty much resigned to this being the new normal.

The experimental phase…

We opened up our marriage. Although probably not the approach I would recommend now, until the foundation is much stronger, we saw other people and did things that were less than loving or ideal to each other in an awkward effort to understand who we were, outside of the identities we had created over the years together.

We lived in separate apartments. And this is when the magic happened. It was probably the best thing we could have done. The second apartment became our self exploration week. It was fun, it was at times excruciating and it was an absolutely necessary learning experience on how to delve into ourSELVES in body, energy and spirit. I started to find my “spark” again, but there was still something missing.

Learning Shamanic and Tantric tools that are the fuel for our soul’s aliveness.

Jade Egg Desire Coach

During my solo exploration, I made the conscious decision to become a profound source of healing for others… and within my search, I discovered that to bring a depth of healing to others, we need to have profoundly healed ourselves! Especially when it comes to sexuality. 

I learned from a variety of coaches, faced my fears of being alone, followed my heart and calling into the jungles and mountains of Peru to do medicine work, hosted some women’s retreats in Hawaii and British Columbia, participated in a Shamanic Apprenticeship where I learned how to offer Soul Retrievals, did some Reiki trainings, and now…

My heart and soul are ignited and filled with wonder as I step into one of the most important roles of my life: 
Becoming a driving force in Sexual healing, expansion, ecstacy!!!
To help men, women AND couples find their juiciness, aliveness and Power again. And I have my ongoing Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification with Layla Martin to thank for it.

It is in these Tantric Coaching methodologies that I have found wholeness.

Desire Coach Martin and Xine

My flame has been awakened and I am honored to be sharing these profound tools with you. 

We are debt-free. My body is singing. Our family is well, and we are now living on a sub-tropical island in Spain. A dream life, unfolding day by day.

Now… Does this mean I never have a shitty day and we never have doubts or fights in our relationship anymore? HELL no! But you know what is different now? We have tools and we use them. Tools that allow us to be compassionate with our process. Highly-effective tools that were created out of traditional practices and applied using the latest research in how our body, nervous system and brain work. It’s utterly fascinating, and effective.

And I cannot WAIT to share these tools with you.

When the time comes, you’ll know it. Reading the above will have sent shivers through your whole body and there will be a sense of excitement that HOLY POOP! This is possible!!! Yes, it is possible. You can feel alive, ignited, ecstatic and whole in your body, your career, your relationship and your life again!!

If the time has come, reach out below!!

As I write this, I have a few 12-session spots that have opened in Sexual & Empowerment Coaching, Jade Egg, Tantric Sex for Solo as well as Tantric Sex for Couples. These are limited spots available soon and in early 2019 as a part of my requirements for the Coaching Certification, so the price is low for what you receive. Reserve your spots by getting in touch below and let’s have a chat.

You and me.
1:1 sessions online from anywhere in the world.
12 sessions over 4 months = your life changes, forever.

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I participated in a cycle of sessions based on the Chakras; sessions that were rich in the Senses and great to experience, due to the variety of tools. I received a mix of tools such as Reiki Sessions, Chi Gong exercises, yoga, visualizations, and even rituals.

Christine makes it a point to ensure that we leave with the ability to apply the learned tools on our own at home, which brings in great opportunity for growth during our series of sessions together, while adapting to the client's individual needs as they show up.

I was well-guided and thank her for her availability and clarifying responses. These sessions are truly lived out as a journey, and I recommend taking this journey in Christine's company.

I experienced personal transformations, learned to understand myself with more clarity, moved through paths that had initially felt blocked and how to better know how to circulate this energy! During this time, my relationships evolved, I created ties with new friends and acquaintances. I saw changes in my overall chosen activities and even on a professional level. Two new interviews, a new contract, and I have begun devoting my time in a new association. Living out these shifts was not easy, but it felt as though the path simply lit up as I moved forward in my expansion, giving me so many more possibilities to choose from! (translated from French)

~ Audrey

If you're ready to embark on your own personal journey to feeling ignited and empowered in your body, relationship and life, reach out and let's chat!

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