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Are you a Conscious Woman desiring to feel Awakened, ALIVE and Ignited in your body and life again?

Golden Snake Sensual RevolutionIf this is a big YES, than welcome sister. You have come to the right place:
I'm Xine La Fontaine and I empower Women on a Mission (and sometimes men and couples too!) who are so done with feeling disconnected, stuck or shut down in their body and bedroom... to feel Soulfully Alive, Ignited and Free!!
Sound too good to be true? Here's the secret sauce: Sexual Energy!
I teach a unique blend of traditional practices such as Tantric Sexuality, Shamanic Ritual, Taoist Energy practices and the Jade Egg, alongside modern researched tools that work with both the body and mind.
We dive deep into what you DESIRE most and help you truly connect to the WHY behind what has been keeping you feeling "stuck" or unable to reach that full sense of aliveness and power in your body, in your career, in your love life, in your bedroom, or even in your finances!
We apply sexuality as a sacred portal to higher consciousness. As fuel for empowerment, liberation and even manifestation!
It's effective, incredibly healing, sexy and fun! Want to know what this will bring you?

Read on...

A Conscious, Alive and Ignited Soul,
Creates a Conscious, Alive and Ignited World.

Xine La Fontaine Sensual Revolution

Hi I'm Xine La Fontaine

A Conscious Sexuality & Empowerment Coach, Desire Guide and Firestarter

For over two decades I've explored personal and spiritual development paths, travelled the world, learned from gifted teachers, Shamans & Tantric mentors, and even connected with the beauty of medicine work in the mountains and jungle of South America.

The defining piece for me... what finally brought everything into deep alignment, in body, heart and even career! was beginning to tap into this exquisite Sacred Vehicle of a Body, and getting DEEPLY acquainted with my sexuality.

I am now honored to be sharing the very same groundbreaking tools that helped me and millions of men and women all over the world, feel more empowered in my energy, my relationship and life. And I offer these practices and body-based tools to you!

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So what does feeling more Alive and Ignited in your body do for a woman?

  • You have more than enough energy for yourself, first and foremost! And as a result, you have more energy for your family, partner(s) and friends, for your daily life and activities, for your work, and for the projects you are so passionate about creating or embarking on!
  • You become magnetic, to the outside world. You simply inspire with your radiance and presence. You magnetise both people and circumstances that are aligned with what you desire most!
  • You make empowered choices and decisions. You are so filled with energy, that you actually look forward to the next challenge, instead of avoiding, or making choices from a space of fear at what “might come next”... This can have incredible benefits in the way you show up in your relationships, in your career, it's quite powerful!
  • You have an increased confidence and trust, that whatever happens next... you will be very OK. You've got tools to work with! You finally feel like you are in the driver's seat, you are the Creatrix, instead of feeling like you are a victim of chaotic life circumstances.
  • You experience higher states of ECSTASY in your body, in your bedroom and even in your daily life than you ever knew was possible!
  • You feel more able to uphold your boundaries, while feeling safe enough to open your HEART fully!
  • You feel whole, complete, and like you have finally found your POWER.
  • You feel Sacred, Sexy, Sensual and FREE! Life becomes a boundless opportunity for exploration and sexy play!

Xine La Fontaine Sensual Revolution

It is the most caring and loving thing we can do for ourselves and for this world!

This healing process has enriched every aspect of my personal life, and now my clients' lives with a creative fire, a powerful, juicy and magnetic aliveness that if I am honest, I had lost faith was ever going to be possible for me! I have busted through the most rigid of obstacles.  Some of which arose due to past trauma, that were affecting my sense of worthiness, my ability to BE in relationships and even to create financial abundance!

Sexual energy is a source of power.

And it's available and accessible for us to apply towards healing, towards manifesting, towards anything we DESIRE!
As Conscious Souls, we are in the perfect position, to make shit happen in the world.
GOOD shit that benefits our collective evolution!

So where do we begin?

I'm currently offering a 1:1 virtual coaching package that you can experience, from anywhere in the world. 
Let's get on a call, to see if we're a right fit!
Follow the link below to read ALL about this incredible opportunity to THRIVE in 2019.

Sacred & Sexy: Your 12-Week Conscious Journey to feeling Alive, Ignited and Soulfully Free!

I'm ready to feel alive and ignited →

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"I've been coaching women in nutrition for years and had many coaches myself - but never experienced a coach quite like Xine. Down to earth, caring and just divine. She helped me become the bigger version of the woman I am meant to be. Working with Xine is a safe, beautiful, clean & clear experience, where I was given incredible tools I was missing in my life to help with issues I didn't think were solvable.

Some issues I didn't even know existed were brought to light and held for me in a safe space to work through. I hold myself different, I walk differently, I have a big fresh breath of confidence breathed into me. I am a new woman. If you are curious about what it feels like to be consciously coached + transformed this way and truly empowered as a woman - book with Xine ASAP."

- Raina Dawn Lutz, Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Lutz Nutrition.


"The work with christine was enlightening and refreshing. She helped me to confront many of the major blockages I’ve had over many years and she did it with grace, humor and love. I felt no judgement, only support in working to give me new tools toward being more open and successful in love, work and life." 

~ Anonymous, Head of Marketing, Barcelona (1:1 Empowerment Package for men)


I am very invested in my own expansion and personal development and I feel like my sessions with Xine not only accelerated this, but did so in a really delicious, creative, visionary way. Her details reports put vivid images in my head and ALWAYS made me feel uplifted- no matter what was going on with me at the time. Each session moved and inspired me. My life coach even commented that she saw a very noticeable positive change in me and my energy. Many times I would see something or feel something during my session and it would show up in my report later! I have such confidence that Xine is very authentic and as I have told her myself- this is work she was meant for!"  ~ Jamie Consolo,