Xine La Fontaine Sensual Revolution

Sensual Revolution

3 Delightful Steps
to Electrifying your Body and Life Choices

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Transformational Tantra Coaching
For your Body, Heart and Mission in the World

Hi I'm 

I Empower Women (and sometimes men and couples too!)
who feel stuck or hesitant in their body and life choices, to rekindle the flame of their glorious mission in the world!  
You know with a depth of soul that there is so much more inside of you, just waiting to be Ignited... but how can you reach her?
Follow me sweet soul, I'll be your guide to feeling Alive, Expressed and ready to carry out your greatest mission!!
Sensual Revolution Xine La Fontaine
Sound too good to be true?
Here's the secret sauce:
Empowerment Practices
Sensual Revolution Sexual Energy

Bet you weren't expecting this last one, but it's one of the most potent tools to Ignite our aliveness, drive and that brings a great sense of fulfillment in life.
I teach a very special and unique blend of traditional practices such as Tantra, Shamanic Ritual, Taoist Energy tools and the Jade Egg, alongside effective and modern researched somatic processes, that work with the body and mind.

1- Open: We dive deep into what you desire most.
2- Nurture: We learn about and work with all those parts of you that are not fully onboard, are resisting, are hesitant or keeping you feeling stuck (ie safe).
3- Empower: And we lovingly call on your most empowering agents to care for what's needed most and bring on these powerful tools to help realign, recentre, bring confidence, more love and power back into your body and mission (hint: sexual energy is one of them!)
Once you "get it" within your sexuality, you "get it" within the rest of your life too!!  Are you ready to 
"Xine La Fontaine is a deliciously seductive invitation into higher truth. She sparkles with wisdom and life and is ambitious to serve humanity”. ~ Layla Martin

I'm ready to feel Ignited in my Mission. What will this work bring me?

    • Increased energy for yourself, first and foremost. And as a result, you'll have more energy for your family, partner(s), friends. You'll feel charged up in your daily life, and for the projects you're so passionate about creating in the world.
    • Clarity around exactly what it is you're here to do in this lifetime, what's been keeping you feeling "stuck" and the steps required to get to where you want to go and most of all, how you want to feel!
    • You'll become more radiant to the outside world, and most importantly, to that hotty you see in the mirror. You'll magnetise the circumstances (and maybe an extra glance or two from that sexy guy/girl at the yoga studio) that are in alignment with what you desire most.
    • You'll make empowered choices and decisions. You'll look forward to the next challenge, instead of acting out of fear at what might come next... Maybe it's taking that trip you've been dreaming of, or making that bold move in your business. This has an incredible impact on the way you show up in your relationships and in your mission.
    • You life will be just as perfect on the inside, as it appears to the outside world. I know this well. That guilty feeling like "why am I so unfulfilled when I should just be happy"? Watch that fly away for good.

    • Your Creative Genius will sore! When we awaken and balance sexual energy, we awaken the gutsy, energized, creative genius within. Inspiration comes easily, ideas flow magically.
    • You'll feel an increase in confidence and trust. You'll finally feel like you're in the driver's seat. Knowing that you are the Creatrix of your life, and not a victim of life circumstances.
    • You'll experience higher states of ecstacy. This is a a total bonus of doing this work! How exciting does it sound, to get turned on by life? Yes please, thank you.
    • You'll finally feel a sense of satisfaction and wholeness. Like you've figured this long-standing issue out and know how to keep that momentum going!

    Xine La Fontaine Sensual Revolution

    A Conscious, Alive and Ignited Soul,
    Creates a Conscious, Alive and Ignited World.

    How do I begin this exciting journey? 

    Xine La Fontaine Sensual Revolution

    The first step is to download my free Ignite your Desire audio training below. 

    The second step: join my Sensual Revolution weekly Love Letter (by checking the little YES box in the pop-up), to receive more Tantric tools and inspiration in igniting your body and mission!

    The third step: Once you've explored the audio training, let's chat around doing some more serious 1:1 or group work together! Fill out this First Contact Form here, and I'll get back to you with a link to schedule a chat!

    What you'll learn...

    - 4 Keys to help you feel more alive and vibrant. 

    - A powerful exercise that will help you feel more clear and inspired by your most meaningful desires.

    - A potent & sexy tool for manifestation!

    - A simple Taoist technique for storing your precious energy, so that you can come back to feeling ignited, again and again!

    Sensual Revolution

    3 Delightful Steps
    to Electrifying your Body and Life Choices

    Download your FREE audio training below!


    "I've been coaching women in nutrition for years and had many coaches myself - but never experienced a coach quite like Xine. Down to earth, caring and just divine. She helped me become the bigger version of the woman I am meant to be. Working with Xine is a safe, beautiful, clean & clear experience, where I was given incredible tools I was missing in my life to help with issues I didn't think were solvable.

    Some issues I didn't even know existed were brought to light and held for me in a safe space to work through. I hold myself different, I walk differently, I have a big fresh breath of confidence breathed into me. I am a new woman. If you are curious about what it feels like to be consciously coached + transformed this way and truly empowered as a woman - book with Xine ASAP."

    - Raina Dawn Lutz, Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Lutz Nutrition.


    "The work with christine was enlightening and refreshing. She helped me to confront many of the major blockages I’ve had over many years and she did it with grace, humor and love. I felt no judgement, only support in working to give me new tools toward being more open and successful in love, work and life." 

    ~ Anonymous, Head of Marketing, Barcelona (1:1 Empowerment Package for men)


    I am very invested in my own expansion and personal development and I feel like my sessions with Xine not only accelerated this, but did so in a really delicious, creative, visionary way. Her details reports put vivid images in my head and ALWAYS made me feel uplifted- no matter what was going on with me at the time. Each session moved and inspired me. My life coach even commented that she saw a very noticeable positive change in me and my energy. Many times I would see something or feel something during my session and it would show up in my report later! I have such confidence that Xine is very authentic and as I have told her myself- this is work she was meant for!"  

    ~ Jamie Consolo,


    * Photo credit: A great big thank you for the gorgeous photos by Veruschka Normandeau at MagicWood Studios