Tantric Empowerment Coach Xine La FontaineHelping Mission-Driven Womxn up-level their Coaching Business while having more fun in the bedroom!

Tantra - Jade Egg - Somatic Ritualist

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Tantric Empowerment Coach Xine La Fontaine

"Xine La Fontaine is a deliciously seductive invitation into higher truth. She sparkles with wisdom and life and is ambitious to serve humanity”.
~ Layla Martin

Welcome to your Sensual Revolution

Hi I'm Xine
And I'm honored and excited to share the goods with you...

Xine La Fontaine Sensual Revolution

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Enjoy this Free Sexy Ritual on me!
Learn how to work with the brilliance of your Body to
Uplevel your Life, with integrity!


A Transformational Tantric Coaching Methodology
that Empowers YOU, your Body and your Coaching Business

For the mission-driven womxn who desires a life of luscious freedom and purpose

All while loving the shit out of leading her successful coaching business

Some of the results you can expect from this powerful sexuality-focused coaching methodology:
    • You'll experience better client results. This coaching methodology is based on deep acceptance and love. You become more present with yourself, with the totality of your body, even the challenging parts... and as a result, you become more deeply accepting, compassionate and present with your clients. This can be felt by everyone in your surroundings.
    • You'll attract more clients by differentiating yourself in the Coaching Crowd by learning how to teach Sensuality Practices to your own clients... and feel like the coolest kid on the block with your sexy new insider's tricks into Tantra and the Jade Egg! Please note, I do not Certify Coaches.
    • You'll feel courageous enough to become more visible and make bold moves in your business. Get ready to move forward from your HELL YES instead of your "oh that's for other women" or "I'll do it later". Goddess in the bedroom, Goddess in life! The impact of this leads to success in your coaching career.
    • Become a natural manifestor. This is one of my gifts and a transmission my clients receive when working with me! We integrate this into your coaching series.
      • Get reintroduced to your vital life force energy! 
        Saying hello to sexual energy means saying hello to our ALIVENESS. Once some of the initial clearing work has been done, you'll rediscover an energy source, you may have once thought was gone forever! Enjoy this newly-reclaimed youthfullness and vitality for your most cherished projects, relationships, family life, as well as your coaching business.
      • You'll experience the inevitable moment... of "ahhhhh, so THAT's why I've been so friggen stuck!" and feel confident using your new fun and sexy tools to gradually bring yourself out of this pattern. Whether this relates to resistance, putting things off, doing funny things during sales calls, or avoiding that FB Live you know will make all the difference. Say hello to your freedom!
        • You'll have more fun in the bedroom AND care for the world. Yes, we can experience personal pleasure and enjoyment, while doing a depth of work for humanity. These are not mutually-exclusive. In fact, one leads to more depth in the other! We connect the deep wisdom of pussy with heart, all the way through.

        "I've been coaching women in nutrition for years and had many coaches myself - but never experienced a coach quite like Xine. Down to earth, caring and just divine. She helped me become the bigger version of the woman I am meant to be. Working with Xine is a safe, beautiful, clean & clear experience, where I was given incredible tools I was missing in my life to help with issues I didn't think were solvable.

        Some issues I didn't even know existed were brought to light and held for me in a safe space to work through. I hold myself different, I walk differently, I have a big fresh breath of confidence breathed into me. I am a new woman. If you are curious about what it feels like to be consciously coached + transformed this way and truly empowered as a woman - book with Xine ASAP."

        ~ Raina Dawn Lutz, Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Lutz Nutrition.

        Hi there, I'm Xine

        Tantra Xine La Fontaine

        My Mission is to assist the next generation of conscious, intentional and awakened leaders to step into the mission they're meant for in the world!

        And through my own experience and client observation, there's nothing more effective than freeing the whole of our body (sexuality and all!) to move into a depth of our confidence and empowerment.

        And it's fun!

        Our sexuality is one of those life areas and levels of personal development that is fraught with fear, shame, guilt, you name it, it's there! So when you start to "get it" within your body and sexuality, you start to "get it" within the rest of your life too.

        "The work with christine was enlightening and refreshing. She helped me to confront many of the major blockages I’ve had over many years and she did it with grace, humor and love. I felt no judgement, only support in working to give me new tools toward being more open and successful in love, work and life."

        ~ Anonymous, Head of Marketing, Barcelona (1:1 Empowerment Package for men)

        A few interesting facts about me:

        1- I'm a closet musician, on her way to rockstar-dom. I started singing again and you'll be hearing more about this I'm sure...

        2- I've been with my husband for 20 years and we've dabbled in a variety of relationship styles, from open to swinger, to monogamous, to whatever the season calls for in the moment. Thank you Tantra, for keeping things sexy at home!!

        Dream home xine La Fontaine sensual revolution

        3- I was trained in Shamanism, to perform Soul Retrievals and followed my instincts into the jungles of Peru to meet with grandma ayahuasca where I was in a  psychedelic panic the whole way through. A humbling experience. Deep respect for this medicine.

        4- After training with Layla Martin, as a Tantric Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, I've gone from ZERO sexual desire to spontaneous, juicy & excited from just about anything. Life turns me on.

        5- I used to be a raver, did lots of drugs... and after an intensive amount of somatic healing: dancing, singing and sexual practices have become my go-to modes of celebration and joy (AND I'm still a lot of fun at parties...)

        6- I'm Canadian by nature, moved my family of four to the South of France for 5 years and we now live in the Canary Islands of Spain (follow me on Instagram if you want a sneak peek: https://www.instagram.com/mlle_xine)

        7- I've never had a driver's license and still dont speak Spanish. Both are taking place, piece by piece. Moment by moment. Don't judge.

        8- I studied at McGill University in Cultural Studies and then moved into interior design school. I LOVE creating new spaces, and truly appreciate how much of an impact our environment has on our wellbeing.

        9- I manifested my dream life in a gorgeous Mid-Century modern home with floor to ceiling windows and a jaw-dropping view of the ocean, on a sub-tropical island... by practicing Sex Magic.
        Oh yes, you'll want to get your hands on my Sexy Manifestation Ritual below!! Merci la vie.

        "Xine was a wonderful coach and a very important part of how we cemented our bond with one another at a relatively early stage in our relationship. We've done therapy before, and plenty of work on ourselves, but perhaps never something so focused on making our lives better/ rather than just fixing something or other.

        And this is what Xine excelled at: Helping us experience, very directly, what it's like to feel better, connect more fully, and live more mindfully on our own and together, with our sexuality as a cornerstone of that. Would highly recommend!" ~ Anonymous

        Ready to feel liberated in your body, become the true Creatrix of your life and coaching business...?

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        Sexy & Free Xine La Fontaine

        Sexy Manifestation logo Xine La Fontaine

        Enjoy this Free Sexy Ritual on me!
        Learn how to work with the brilliance of your Body to
        Uplevel your Life, with integrity!


        "I am very invested in my own expansion and personal development and I feel like my sessions with Xine not only accelerated this, but did so in a really delicious, creative, visionary way. Her details reports put vivid images in my head and ALWAYS made me feel uplifted- no matter what was going on with me at the time. Each session moved and inspired me. My life coach even commented that she saw a very noticeable positive change in me and my energy. Many times I would see something or feel something during my session and it would show up in my report later! I have such confidence that Xine is very authentic and as I have told her myself- this is work she was meant for!"  

        ~ Jamie Consolo, www.mayaandthemoon.com